Meet CITY’s Marketing Recruiting Coordinator, Anna Hilgendorf

Posted on: November 8th, 2021 by Natalie Rudrud | No Comments

Earlier this year, CITY established a new role to help source new teammates that can help CITY grow. Anna Hilgendorf was brought on as CITY’s first marketing recruiting coordinator.

“We decided to create a hybrid role because in our society today, recruiting involves a lot more digital marketing to recruit top talent,” Director of Communications, Emily Hauber said. “Anna has embraced the challenge and I am confident she will have a big impact at CITY.”

Anna manages all of the open job positions, drives candidates to CITY’s new careers website, and completes phone screens and interviews for a myriad of positions. She also is actively posting social media recruiting content.

“I enjoy sourcing and finding the right people for each role. I also enjoy putting a personal touch on both CITY’s marketing and recruiting efforts,” Anna said.

Aside from looking for candidates online, Anna is excited to get to know more current employees that started before she came on board. “I know CITY already has some top talent and I think the best place to find more top talent is from referrals,” Anna said. “I want to make sure everyone at CITY knows about the employee referral program and all of the benefits that come with it!


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