Large Investment Paying Off For CITY 12.21.16

Posted on: December 21st, 2016 by Emily Novotny | No Comments

CITY Laundering Co recently spent two four-day weekends completely replacing their washroom equipment, upgrading their original dryers from 1993 to two 15,000 lbs dryers and three new 10,000 lbs washers. To meet their unique needs, CITY worked with Milnor, a commercial laundry equipment manufacturer to build the custom equipment.

“We have had significant growth in the past couple of years and we expect that trend to continue,” Vice President and General Manager Colin Wetlaufer said. “We knew we needed larger capacity washers and you can’t install larger washers without having equally large dryers.”

Milnor worked along side CITY’s Maintenance Engineer Jamie Randall to work out the specifics of each piece of equipment.

“Our washer/extractor is a 700 lbs rated capacity machine whereas City’s older washers were 500 lbs rated capacity machines,” Milnor Regional Sales Manager Brock Pellerin said.

According to Pellerin the new equipment will increase CITY’s processing capacity while lowering their carbon footprint by increasing the airflow, drying each load more effectively in less time, and takes less energy overall.

“As our volume increases, we don’t just want to be able to process the garments, but we want our plant to be as efficient as possible,” Wetlaufer said.

The installation took place over a four-day weekend in November and one in December and the new system impacted the entire plant.

“Everyone at the plant had to alter their schedules to make this installation work. Production had to come in at odd hours and our entire service department had to change their work week, but we have a great team and everyone knew what needed to be done,” Wetlaufer said.

Overall, Wetlaufer said the installation on both projects, went as well as possible.

“We are already seeing the benefits. The new equipment has already paid off based on a quality and speed standpoint,” Wetlaufer said. “It was the right move, at the right time.”


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