G.O. Fresh

First of all, I just want to say thank you for making the transition to CITY go smoothly.

We had been with the same company for so many years, I never thought that we would switch companies. I then received another letter in the mail, and after having many issues over several months that weren’t getting resolved, I thought I would give CITY a call. I remembered them from my childhood back in Iowa when they would deliver uniforms to the place of employment that my parents used to work. Right then, I knew they were a very reputable company.From the very first meeting with Chriss and Corey, I knew that everyone at CITY was on our side and willing to help with the transition. Since the transition to CITY from our previous vendor went so smoothly, we now not only get our smocks from CITY, but we also get our paper products, knit gloves, and many other things from them. Thank you again for making this transition stress free.

It is so AWESOME to find a company with small town values like the ones we find in Iowa in a big city like Minneapolis.

I am excited to work with CITY and look forward to having a long standing business relationship. http://www.gofresh-precut.com


B & G Foods

As a food manufacturer, clothing quality is very important to us, not to mention the safety factor for Arcflash. The uniforms we provide to our crews are good quality, and CITY does a great job at maintaining them.

Up until we went with CITY, we had bounced back and forth between most of the local vendors in typically the same pattern. We’d start out and have a couple good years then it would tail off. And typically, with our previous vendors, it took quite a while to get uniforms changed out, but with CITY things are pretty seamless.

The relationship has been outstanding. To me, when I find a vendor that is a partner, and you don’t have to manage them, that’s a win. And that’s what we got with CITY. They deliver a quality product, and I don’t hear complaints with my department, or the guys wearing uniforms. We have a great relationship.

When we first looked at CITY, there was some concern with the distance between the laundry facility and our location, but that really has not played in at all. In the end result, it’s been great. They are also price competitive, which made it very easy to make the decision.

One of the nice things about the relationship we have with CITY is that it’s all in the background. It’s like it handles itself. We don’t see the issues. There is always communication if something changes, and we always know about anything before it happens. Having a partner like that is great. It just takes a load off of our mind by not having to deal with those issues. My guys are in quality uniforms and it’s a seamless process. https://www.bgfoods.com

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Des Moines Cold Storage

On behalf of Des Moines Cold Storage, I would like to acknowledge the privilege we have had working with CITY. When our contract came up for renewal, we knew we needed a change.

We were not satisfied with the services we were receiving from our previous provider because of lack of communication, unpredictable service, and inconsistent billing. Working with a national provider really put a bad taste in my mouth.

We decided to switch to CITY because they were genuine and the family owned aspect was very appealing.
During the sales process, Hildy Webb was upfront, transparent, and natural. Hildy came through and has done everything she said she would do.

I was nervous that the transition would be a headache, but our Regional Manager Mark Ballo handled it professionally and it went as smooth as it possibly could. Mark is very responsive and makes sure everything is taken care of.

Our Route Rep Shane continues to carry on the great CITY experience by providing phenomenal service each week. There are no surprises and Shane takes care of what needs to be done. We have built a great relationship with Shane and completely trust him to handle our service.

Finding a provider that is dedicated to meeting all of our needs was exactly what we were looking for and we finally found that with CITY. I am at relief that we partnered with CITY because this is one thing I know is being handled and handled well. I would recommend CITY to anyone that is managing their current uniform program because once we partnered with CITY; I was able to focus on other aspects of my job. The uniform program is something I don't need to think about because of the trust I have developed with Hildy, Mark, and Shane.


Grain Millers Inc.

I want to let you know that we are very happy with our transition to CITY. Not only are our uniforms delivered on time and in good repair, the customer service and response time to issues is exceptional. Things are fixed within days, and if we are missing something, it is brought to the plant before the next delivery.

Your staff has been responsive and courteous by making sure our employees are happy and get what is needed. I would recommend CITY to anyone!



Prestage Foods of Iowa

We are excited about our new partnership with CITY for our uniform and laundry services at the new Prestage Foods of Iowa plant in Wright County. We chose to partner with CITY for a number of reasons.

From the start of the proposal process through the execution of contract Chriss, Colin, and the CITY team demonstrated the professional yet personal service we can expect from CITY. Rental and service pricing are on part with major competitors in the industry, and CITY's investments in updated equipment and facility improvements show that they have both the capacity and technology to serve our needs.

I can't say enough good things about how well the CITY family business culture and commitment to excellence mirror our own operating philosophy within the Prestage family of companies. We look forward to a long relationship with CITY and are proud to be a part of their growing portfolio of satisfied customers.

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As a food manufacturer, it’s so important to know where your garments have been, because if there are any recalls, you have to be able to track everything back to where they came from. We definitely want to make sure that all of our food is served safely, and uniforms play a big part in that.

We can’t run if we don’t have the proper uniforms that we need. At PurFoods each room has a designated color of frock. This way, we don’t take any chance with cross contamination. One thing I really appreciate that CITY offers to every company is the high-frequency chips. Every uniform that leaves our company to be cleaned comes back to us. Our garments never cross to another company. This is crucial in the food industry.

If you have food recalls, it can shut your plant down. CITY has been crucial in terms of keeping us compliant. The uniforms are clean; they are covered when they are brought in; CITY has done whatever it takes to follow our compliance and guidelines.

Before we switched to CITY, we always had problems with foreign objects being found in the garments. We used to get gloves that were dirty and had meat bones in them. We even found safety pins in garments before. With CITY, we have not had any of these issues because we get back the exact garments.

Our transition to CITY was so easy. I was very impressed. CITY came ahead of time to make sure everything was in order, so when the garments were brought into the plant, everything was ready to go. CITY honestly didn’t miss a beat. We never had to slow down. If we needed anything, CITY was very quick to get it to us.

CITY has been great. They are always willing to work with us if we have any issues, and they are always quick to respond. I also love the family atmosphere. I’m not just a number. I feel that CITY goes above and beyond to give that personal touch which I really appreciate.

I would definitely recommend CITY. They are able to resolve issues so quickly. You aren’t going to get foreign objects or anything like that.

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Raining Rose Inc.

I first reached out to CITY because we were frustrated with our current provider's quality and consistency of service. In large part, the route driver is the most important part of the business, and with CITY we have had consistency in our route driver, which has led to consistency in service. If there are any gaps, they are closed quickly and communicated as needed. A significant selling point to us is that the towels that we send off are the towels that we get back. Towels from "Joe's Repair Service" are not coming into our FDA regulated facility, which was very important to us. They are also quick to respond to any shortages that we may have because of increased production on short notice. They are transparent and service oriented. If we have questions they are answered, if we have problems they are taken care of.


Upper Iowa Beef

CITY has been really good. Once a week, we get fresh laundry. They take our old dirty stuff away, and they bring us fresh ones. If we need more products or more uniforms, the next week they take care of it.

In fact, we started to run short because we’ve been adding employees. It’s hard to predict what we need. CITY ran some up – they brought some up in a car to make sure we didn’t run out on the last day. Our relationship has been really good. I like how it works, and I like the way CITY does its billing. https://www.upperiowabeef.com

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Valent BioSciences Corp.

I am writing this letter of recommendation for CITY. Our previous vendor was [Competitor], and we were not happy at all. We had shortage issues, repair issues, stain issues, and mostly we had issues with their management team. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Before switching we looked into a lot of different companies, and the CITY Team was the only one that we felt would meet all of our needs. And we were confident that if there were issues they would be resolved quickly. And we were right. They made our switch over to CITY from [Competitor] as seamless as possible. They were here on short notice and made sure everything was taken care of. Chriss Carsello was wonderful to work with and spent a lot of time here until we got everything worked out. Now all of our uniforms are in, and I love our route supervisor Corey and our driver. They really spend the time to make sure everything is right. If I do have a question about something I have a response very quickly.

Our company has about 46 people in production uniforms, and we have about 25 people in lab coats or scrubs. We get our rugs and mops from CITY also.

Before CITY I felt as though I was in the laundry business with all the babysitting I had to do on the uniforms and the billing issues. They take care of everything now. I am very confident that we will be doing business with CITY for many many years.