Providing an industrial uniform service to a variety of manufacturers has been CITY’s focus for decades.


CITY Quality Management System

The CITY Quality Management (CQM) System, our continuous improvement management system based on customer input and industry best practice, ensures consistent high-quality service to meet or exceed all customer requirements.


Our UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) tracking technology allows us to track each individually chipped uniform through every step of the laundering process. This process ensures that all uniforms collected will be cleaned and returned with accurate inventory counts, which guarantees consistent high levels of customer service. We simplify the uniform management process and enable our customers to focus on what is most important, running their business.


CITY Asset Management Program

This program has been designed to eliminate a number of common frustrations, including uncontrollable charges, inconsistent weekly invoicing, damage or abuse charges, loss charges, extended size charges, cancellation, fees, and most importantly the time you spend dealing with these issues. CAM is a unique pricing methodology that gives us the ability to be 100% transparent with our clients. We offer the ability to not only budget effectively, but to predict each bill.


CAM is calculated based on your operational needs, the quantity of items in service, and current behavior. In our changing economy, we understand that we must continue to focus on offering our clients consistent quality products and superior customer service. Implementing the CAM program is one way for us to help meet those expectations.


Our CAM program encompasses the rental of towels, mats, and uniforms.


New Employee Onboarding

A new employee at your business will quickly feel part of your team when they are put in a properly fitted and compliant uniform within one week. With our on time, work order fulfillment capabilities, CITY helps you to increase morale and to display company pride.


With our CQM proven process, we have a one-week fulfillment rate of 94% for each work order.


The CITY Difference in Industrial Manufacturing