The CITY Quality Management (CQM) system, our continuous improvement management system based on customer input and industry best practice, ensures consistent high-quality service to meet or exceed all customer requirements.

“It’s always about continuing to get better,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President said. “Here at CITY, we have a documented process so we can ensure what we are doing is always consistent and we can be the best we can be for our customers.”

The documented process Colin is referring to is called the CITY Quality Management System or CQM. It relies on control points created throughout CITY’s operation. From the time soiled laundry arrives at the plant in Oelwein to the moment Route Service Representatives can pick up a clean batch for our customers, all of it goes through a rigorous checking process to ensure maximum quality.

The diagram below describes the process step by step. If you are interested in learning more about our CQM click here.