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Des Moines and Metro Area

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American Spirit Graphics

“Just wanted to send a note saying thanks so much for your service. I told you I was spending too much time on our Uniforms with the last company. You have done exactly what you said and allowed me to focus on the main part of my job. I realized when I e-mailed you the other day it was the first time in months we had talked. You guys are doing a great job and I hope we can keep this up for the entire contract.”

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Budget Brake and Chassis

“I wanted to let you know that we, at Budget Brake, really appreciate the service that we have received from Mark, Shane and the rest of the staff of City Laundering. In the last 30 years of dealing with laundering companies, City Laundering has provided us with the best service. Any problems that have-arisen, Mark and his team have taken care of them promptly and efficiently. The dedication that Mark has to provide a quality product and service is not taken lightly. It is nice to know that we do not have to worry about our uniforms being done, being delivered and repaired as well as billing accuracy. The friendly staff of CL has been a great change for us compared to the other companies we have dealt with. We have and will continue to recommend CL to other businesses that we know of or deal with. Thank you again for your great service. IT IS TRULY APPRECIATED!”

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Des Moines Cold Storage

On behalf of Des Moines Cold Storage, I would like to acknowledge the privilege we have had working with CITY. When our contract came up for renewal, we knew we needed a change.

We were not satisfied with the services we were receiving from our previous provider because of lack of communication, unpredictable service, and inconsistent billing. Working with a national provider really put a bad taste in my mouth.

We decided to switch to CITY because they were genuine and the family owned aspect was very appealing.
During the sales process, Hildy Webb was upfront, transparent, and natural. Hildy came through and has done everything she said she would do.

I was nervous that the transition would be a headache, but our Regional Manager Mark Ballo handled it professionally and it went as smooth as it possibly could. Mark is very responsive and makes sure everything is taken care of.

Our Route Rep Shane continues to carry on the great CITY experience by providing phenomenal service each week. There are no surprises and Shane takes care of what needs to be done. We have built a great relationship with Shane and completely trust him to handle our service.

Finding a provider that is dedicated to meeting all of our needs was exactly what we were looking for and we finally found that with CITY. I am at relief that we partnered with CITY because this is one thing I know is being handled and handled well. I would recommend CITY to anyone that is managing their current uniform program because once we partnered with CITY; I was able to focus on other aspects of my job. The uniform program is something I don’t need to think about because of the trust I have developed with Hildy, Mark, and Shane.

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Harrison Truck Centers

My name is Allen Crouch, Service Manager at Harrison Truck Centers. I would like to take a few minutes and share with you our customer experience.

As a customer of City Workplace Uniforms, I am very pleased to share with you the excellent customer service and professionalism that has been portrayed by Mark Ballo and Jeff Dockendorf. The two of them have taken the customer experience to a new level and have provided more than just excellent service, but a vision of what true professionalism is. I feel that they go above and beyond to make us happy as a customer.

I can tell you that the two of them have very high recommendations from me and Harrison Truck Centers along with City Workplace Uniforms. We are striving for a culture here that provides that very same customer experience.

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Housby Mack, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for making our transition to City Workplace Uniforms and Mats go so smoothly!

After meeting with several different companies, the knowledge and experience City Workplace Uniforms and Mats offered was just what we were looking for. Mark Ballo and City Workplace Uniforms and Mats were more than willing to work with us from the bidding process to set-up and installation to ensure our expectations were met. Mark’s prompt attention to our needs made this transition very painless.

I am enthusiastic about working with City Workplace Uniforms and Mats and I look forward to a long business relationship.

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Katecho, Inc.

While making medical devices, we need clean uniforms every day for our individuals out on the line. Depending on the job function, you wear a different colored uniform. We have multiple colors and that is something CITY supports.
Mark Ballo is our Regional Manager and I know Mark very well. I email and talk to him often about our existing business and new opportunities for CITY. We have expanded from just uniforms to anti-fatigue mats as well as the all weathered mats around the building. My relationship with Mark is professional, and cordial. He is very receptive to all of my requests and he is very dependable. When I ask him to do something, I know it is taken care of.
The overall service is dependable and we get exactly what we expect every week from CITY and their prices are reasonable. This is why I have recommended CITY to others in the past.

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Scott’s Automotive Service, Inc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the outstanding service your company provides! Your commitment not only to make sure our uniforms are in order, the mats are in the best

position, and our towels, soap and air fresheners are full, but you always take the extra time (even when we know your schedule is full) to inquire how everyone is personally. The extra time that is taken to show us that we are more than another stop truly makes a difference to all of us.

The experiences we have had in the past with other companies cannot compare with the excellent service that we receive from Mark and Shane. With a past uniform company, uniforms were either wrong, had to be sent back because we found them in poor condition or dirty, or even at times, did not make the truck at all. There was also a frequent change of driver’s. Many of the checks given to the driver each week were lost or not applied to our bill and when confronting the situation, we were made to feel that these issues were not a priority to their company to resolve. When you depend on the services of others to help run a business, this can become trying and make things extremely difficult to work with.

After receiving such poor service from our past uniform companies, we didn’t think that we had any options and just thought that this was the “normal” of today. After much research was done, we were able to find City Laundering Co. We couldn’t be happier as we are always given absolutely the best service anywhere! A big thank you to Mark, Shane, and the entire City Laundering Co. for making us family, not just another stop.

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United Truck and Body

We are writing this letter to let you know how happy we are that we made the switch to City. Mark Ballo has been so helpful getting everyone sized and answering all the questions we have asked. The receptionist that answers the phone is very nice. It’s so different to have someone actually answer the phone and not have to listen to a recorded message. Shane McKinney and his coworker Sean are GREAT! Every week they make sure we have all our rugs, uniforms and our soap is checked and refilled. They work very fast and efficient, and are so nice and friendly. Over all the transition has been a good experience. Please let these workers know all their hard work and kindness is appreciated. The employees love the new uniforms and we look forward to seeing Shane and Sean on Thursdays. Thanks to Hildy for seeking us out and telling us about your company.

Central and Northeastern Iowa

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Clayton County Recycling

City Laundering has been taking care of our service for 15 years. Their customer service is great and they have been very open, upfront, and willing to help us however

they can with anything we need. Whenever we need something, I know how to get a hold of them and Jacob (route service representative) is in every week so we always talk to him.
In our line of business, our guys are very hard on their uniforms so we have gone to the bright orange uniform shirts so they can be seen out in the yard. We also have jeans, coveralls, coats, mat service, and we just added the air fresheners.

These services are a benefit for our employees because they are dirty from head to toe at the end of the day and that way it saves on their washing machines so it is a huge benefit for our employees.
We started with CITY years ago and they have always taken such good care of us. When we added a yard in Cedar Rapids, we hooked CITY up with that location as well. When you have a good thing going, you don’t mess with it. If anyone else in the area is needing a provider, we would definitely recommend CITY. No one else can compete with CITY.

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When we made the decision to terminate our former laundering service, we needed a service provider that stood out, and your company did just that. Everyone at City Laundering made the transition as smooth as possible.

Your customer service is exemplary to say the least. We no longer are plagued with uniform issues, lack of supplies, and price gouging.

In this day and age unfortunately, good service is hard to find and excellent service is almost impossible to find. We want you and your staff to know that it does make a difference, and we truly appreciate it. When your guys come in each week to service us it has been recognized by many here, the time and effort that is put into ensuring we are serviced correctly and completely. The attention to detail is very impressive. It has been refreshing to know that we no longer have to deal with the lack of supplies, missing uniforms, etc.

Please know that if the occasion arises, we would definitely recommend your company and your staff without hesitation. Thank you again for the great services you are providing our company and we look forward to many more years in this partnership.

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Norplex Micarta

We are a manufacturer of a high-pressure plastic laminate in the forms of sheet, rod, tubes and angles. The business started in 1974 and we started back in the early 80’s with City Laundering.

We have continued to stay with them because CITY provides a good product and they are always looking to improve their service. We have had great relationships with CITY. Jim Hennessy (IL Norplex’s Route Service Rep for 35+ years) is the best guy in the world and I know Rick Buhr very well (IL Norplex’s Route Supervisor for 20+ years).

If we ever have a problem, the people I’ve worked with at CITY just take care of it. One time a guy left his wedding ring in his jean pocket and we called CITY and they dug through all of the clothes and found it. We really appreciated it and that is one of the reasons why I have recommended CITY to others in the past. CITY has great people and we enjoy them.

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Prestage Foods of Iowa

We are excited about our new partnership with CITY for our uniform and laundry services at the new Prestage Foods of Iowa plant in Wright County. We chose to partner with CITY for a number of reasons.

From the start of the proposal process through the execution of contract Chriss, Colin, and the CITY team demonstrated the professional yet personal service we can expect from CITY. Rental and service pricing are on part with major competitors in the industry, and CITY’s investments in updated equipment and facility improvements show that they have both the capacity and technology to serve our needs.

I can’t say enough good things about how well the CITY family business culture and commitment to excellence mirror our own operating philosophy within the Prestage family of companies. We look forward to a long relationship with CITY and are proud to be a part of their growing portfolio of satisfied customers.

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Raining Rose Inc.

I first reached out to CITY because we were frustrated with our current provider’s quality and consistency of service. In large part, the route driver is the most important part of the business, and with CITY we have had consistency in our route driver, which has led to consistency in service. If there are any gaps, they are closed quickly and communicated as needed. A significant selling point to us is that the towels that we send off are the towels that we get back. Towels from “Joe’s Repair Service” are not coming into our FDA regulated facility, which was very important to us. They are also quick to respond to any shortages that we may have because of increased production on short notice. They are transparent and service oriented. If we have questions they are answered, if we have problems they are taken care of.

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Valent BioSciences Corp.

I am writing this letter of recommendation for City Laundry. Our previous vendor was Aramark and we were not happy at all. We had shortage issues, repair issues, stain issues, and mostly

we had issues with their management team. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Before switching we looked into a lot of different companies, and the City Team was the only one that we felt would meet all of our needs. And we were confident that if there were issues they would be resolved quickly. And we were right. They made our switch over to City from Aramark as seamless as possible. They were here on short notice and made sure everything was taken care of. Chriss Carsello was wonderful to work with and spent a lot of time here until we got everything worked out. Now all of our uniforms are in, and I love our route supervisor corey and our driver. They really spend the time to make sure everything is right. If i do have a question about something I have a response very quickly.

Our company has about 46 people in production uniforms, and we have about 25 people in lab coats or scrubs. We get our rugs and mops from City also.

Before City I felt as though I was in the laundry business with all the babysitting I had to do on the uniforms and the billing issues. They take care of everything now. I am very confident that we will be doing business with City Laundry for many many years.

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Zips Truck Equipment

Looking back now, it feels like we have had CITY forever. I have been with the company 30 years and we have had CITY ever since I started with Zip’s.

All of the people I have worked with are great people and very dedicated. I used to work with Ken Schnor when he was a route rep. Now we have Jim Kleitsch and we have a good relationship with him.

If there is ever an issue, I know I can always call in and speak directly with ann Steggall, and Rhonda Kerns and get anything resolved. I can tell those two have been with CITY for a long time. They know how to get to the bottom of an issue. If I call them, they take care of it and I never have to hear about it again.

We had other competition come in over the years to see if they could service our account, but don’t we question it. When we expanded to Michigan, we had to find another provider out there.

At the time, I let Rick Buhr (Route Supervisor) look over some of the Michigan paperwork. He questioned some of the billing so I called out to Michigan to get it resolved. It turned out Rick was right and we were able to get our bill reduced. He was very helpful and these are some reasons why we will never switch from CITY.

It has been great working with CITY over all the years because it is just so easy to work with them.