Budget Brake and Chassis

“I wanted to let you know that we, at Budget Brake, really appreciate the service that we have received from Mark, Shane and the rest of the staff of CITY.

In the last 30 years of dealing with laundering companies, CITY  has provided us with the best service. Any problems that have-arisen, Mark and his team have taken care of them promptly and efficiently. The dedication that Mark has to provide a quality product and service is not taken lightly. It is nice to know that we do not have to worry about our uniforms being done, being delivered and repaired as well as billing accuracy. The friendly staff of CL has been a great change for us compared to the other companies we have dealt with. We have and will continue to recommend CL to other businesses that we know of or deal with. Thank you again for your great service. IT IS TRULY APPRECIATED!”

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Fort Dodge Ford Lincoln Toyota

I am writing this letter to let you know how satisfied we are with our service from CITY. We started with CITY in mid-November, 2018. The transition from the company we were with to your company was seamless.

From day one, I have had no complaints from my employees about the uniforms. Everyone received what they were supposed to. John, Mark, and Aaron did a wonderful job with making sure everything went as smooth as possible.

Your billing invoices are so easy to read compared to the company we were with. Our accounts payable lady is really happy about that.

Our route driver, Aaron, is the most polite person. He is always here about the same time every week and communicates very well with us. It’s nice to know we have someone we can trust to get things done if need be.

Thank you for your GREAT service so far, and we look forward to a good working relationship in the future.




Harrison Truck Centers

My name is Allen Crouch, Service Manager at Harrison Truck Centers. I would like to take a few minutes and share with you our customer experience.

As a customer of CITY, I am very pleased to share with you the excellent customer service and professionalism that has been portrayed by Mark Ballo and Jeff Dockendorf. The two of them have taken the customer experience to a new level and have provided more than just excellent service, but a vision of what true professionalism is. I feel that they go above and beyond to make us happy as a customer.

I can tell you that the two of them have very high recommendations from me and Harrison Truck Centers along with CITY. We are striving for a culture here that provides that very same customer experience.

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Housby Mack, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for making our transition to CITY go so smoothly!

After meeting with several different companies, the knowledge and experience CITY offered was just what we were looking for. Mark Ballo and CITY were more than willing to work with us from the bidding process to set-up and installation to ensure our expectations were met. Mark’s prompt attention to our needs made this transition very painless.

I am enthusiastic about working with CITY and I look forward to a long business relationship.

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Jensen Ford Lincoln

Jensen Ford Lincoln contacted CITY as a possible uniform supplier for our company a little over a year ago. After meeting with Hildy and Mark, we decided CITY would be a good fit for our company. We appreciated their family-owned values, friendly employees…

and most of all, their high quality service. We weren’t wrong with our choice!

With our previous company, we were spending too much time and effort not only with billing issues, but with uniform issues as well. With CITY, if we ever have an issue, they have been prompt and professional in getting things taken care of.

Each week, Kyle stops after delivering our clean uniforms, rugs, and supplies to ensure our needs haven’t changed or to talk to use about a product they offer that we may benefit from.

We are excited to continue working with CITY and look forward to a long business relationship.


Midway Outdoor Equipment

This letter is in reference to our customer experience with CITY Clean and Simple. Consistently Great! Midway Outdoor Equipment has been using CITY for many, many years. I’ve been with Midway for 6 years, and of those 6 years we’ve never had any single hint of an issue.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! The technician’s uniforms are always clean, well pressed, never mismatched or missing items, nada! Our man Marc has been, and is, the same face we see every week! Every week for the last 6 years (minus vacations of course). He’s punctual, always pleasant, mixes up our air freshener scents, soaps and rugs in a timely fashion and is consistently, consistent! Anyone can be great for the “honeymoon phase” but to MAINTAIN the same level of service for all these years is impressive! With all the daily stressors of running a business, it’s really nice to have one less thing to worry about. Thank you!


Shottenkirk Waukee Chevy

On behalf of Shottenkirk Chevy, I would like to thank CITY for providing us an excellent uniform program. With our previous national provider, we were often at odds with them. We often felt like we weren’t getting serviced enough, or sometimes…

we would be serviced too much. It was hard, because one month we would have a small bill and the next month we would have an exorbitant bill. We also had to put a lot of work into maintaining our uniform program because of inventory issues.

But with CITY, we get better service without those highs and lows. We also receive much better communication. Our current route service representative Kyle does a fantastic job.

One of the best things about partnering with CITY is that, even though they’ve gotten bigger as a company, they have not lost their small company touch. CITY is a great, family owned company, and they have a lot of the same thoughts as our own family owned business.

When I first met Mark (our sales rep), I told him that I didn’t want to be part of the uniform business, and that I wanted to be in the car business. With our previous national providers that we’ve had in the past, I always had to have a lot of input in the uniform business, whether it was shortages or inventory. But I don’t have that with CITY.

With all the time we’ve saved from not having to deal with uniforms, our company has been able to grow every year. We can actually work on our business rather than work on our vendor’s business.

United Truck and Body

We are writing this letter to let you know how happy we are that we made the switch to CITY. Mark Ballo has been so helpful getting everyone sized and answering all the questions we have asked. The receptionist that answers the phone is very nice. It’s so different to have someone actually answer the phone and not have to listen to a recorded message. Shane McKinney and his coworker Sean are GREAT! Every week they make sure we have all our rugs, uniforms and our soap is checked and refilled. They work very fast and efficient, and are so nice and friendly. Over all the transition has been a good experience. Please let these workers know all their hard work and kindness is appreciated. The employees love the new uniforms and we look forward to seeing Shane and Sean on Thursdays. Thanks to Hildy for seeking us out and telling us about your company.