We’re probably close to 30 years of doing business with CITY Laundering. We do a lot of products with them. Our main area is our uniforms that we provide for our employees, and we also get all of our bathroom supplies, towels, and rags.

We have mats that we get exchanged as well as custom mats. We used to have all of our own mats, like the long runner mats, and we would clean them ourselves. But they would never really get clean. By having new mats brought in by CITY, it makes our office look sharp.

I think the best thing about CITY is what we do for our employees. Our employees are proud that they have uniforms. When we give tours through our building, it looks professional. I think it is a reflection of our company when our employees look good and feel good.


American Spirit Graphics

“Just wanted to send a note saying thanks so much for your service. I told you I was spending too much time on our uniforms with the last company. You have done exactly what you said and allowed me to focus on the main part of my job. I realized when I e-mailed you the other day it was the first time in months we had talked. You guys are doing a great job and I hope we can keep this up for the entire contract.”


Cedar Graphics

CITY does a great job for us, they’re a great partner of ours. It’s pretty much a seamless process. We get quite a few products from CITY.

They come in, they have access to the building, there’s very little interaction that needs to take place, and they know where all of our supplies are. They come in and take care of us and whenever we need products it’s always there.

I would say CITY is at the top of our list as far as vendors are concerned. The products that are supplied to us by CITY are very important to the operation, so getting not only quality products but ensuring there’s plenty available is a high priority to us and a necessity to keep our operation going.

CITY’s service is very responsive as well. When we have had an issue, which off the top of my head, has only happened once or twice, they instantly take action, they take our problems serious, and they put together a plan to make sure that problem doesn’t transpire again.

There’s really not much room for improvement, and I think it’s a great relationship. CITY understands what we need, and we understand what they supply for us. The relationship works out really well.

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Dotson Iron Castings

“Wanted to let you know the team at CITY did an awesome job with the recent transition and throughout our short relationship from the beginning. I want to specifically recognize our District Manager who did a great job of keeping me in the loop during the conversion. He was always very quick to respond to my questions or concerns.

The team was very organized and the conversion plan was very well planned, on time and seamless. Frankly I expected more issues. However the few problems that we encountered were addressed quickly and already fixed or in the process of being fixed.

The Dotson Team is very grateful and pleased with how well things went and continue to go.”

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Katecho, Inc.

While making medical devices, we need clean uniforms every day for our individuals out on the line. Depending on the job function, you wear a different colored uniform. We have multiple colors and that is something CITY supports.
Mark Ballo is our Regional Manager and I know Mark very well. I email and talk to him often about our existing business and new opportunities for CITY. We have expanded from just uniforms to anti-fatigue mats as well as the all weathered mats around the building. My relationship with Mark is professional, and cordial. He is very receptive to all of my requests and he is very dependable. When I ask him to do something, I know it is taken care of.
The overall service is dependable and we get exactly what we expect every week from CITY and their prices are reasonable. This is why I have recommended CITY to others in the past.


Kryton Engineered Metals

CITY came to Kryton with new mats that have padding in them for all of our machines out on the floor. We have oil and all that kind of stuff on the floor, so we got the new mats from CITY, and they’re working out perfectly.
CITY and Kryton have developed a relationship. They always check in every week to see if we need anything else and to see how things are going. We can always call to talk to them openly about any concerns we have or they also suggest things to us such as other new products.
We have had nothing but good luck with them and other companies should use them. They’re the best.



When we made the decision to terminate our former laundering service, we needed a service provider that stood out, and your company did just that. Everyone at CITY made the transition as smooth as possible.

Your customer service is exemplary to say the least. We no longer are plagued with uniform issues, lack of supplies, and price gouging.

In this day and age unfortunately, good service is hard to find and excellent service is almost impossible to find. We want you and your staff to know that it does make a difference, and we truly appreciate it. When your guys come in each week to service us it has been recognized by many here, the time and effort that is put into ensuring we are serviced correctly and completely. The attention to detail is very impressive. It has been refreshing to know that we no longer have to deal with the lack of supplies, missing uniforms, etc.

Please know that if the occasion arises, we would definitely recommend your company and your staff without hesitation. Thank you again for the great services you are providing our company and we look forward to many more years in this partnership.


Norplex Micarta

We are a manufacturer of a high-pressure plastic laminate in the forms of sheet, rod, tubes and angles. The business started in 1974 and we started back in the early 80’s with CITY.

We have continued to stay with them because CITY provides a good product and they are always looking to improve their service. We have had great relationships with CITY. Jim Hennessy (IL Norplex’s Route Service Rep for 35+ years) is the best guy in the world and I know Rick Buhr very well (IL Norplex’s Route Supervisor for 20+ years).

If we ever have a problem, the people I’ve worked with at CITY just take care of it. One time a guy left his wedding ring in his jean pocket and we called CITY and they dug through all of the clothes and found it. We really appreciated it and that is one of the reasons why I have recommended CITY to others in the past. CITY has great people and we enjoy them.


PMX Industries, Inc.

We would like to thank CITY for partnering with us in protecting our employees, with the services you provide. When we switched over to CITY, they made it a smooth transition, as this was a major area of concern for us.

Our account team does a great job for us. If we have a new employee, CITY works with us through the on-boarding program, which helps streamline the process for us.

At PMX, we understand the importance of a quality management system, and we are happy to say that we have a great team with CITY as our provider. We have good turnaround time on the uniforms and any concerns are addressed quickly. I personally know our service management team and our route service representative and talk with them on a regular basis.

Overall, we have a good working relationship with CITY as they provide our laundering services for our uniforms, shop towels, fitness room towels and cut-resistant sleeves. We also rent our mats for various portions of the facility and they look great and hold up much better than we have utilized in the past.

Switching over to CITY and continuing our partnership over the years has been a good decision. I would recommend CITY’s service and personnel to anyone.


Zips Truck Equipment

Looking back now, it feels like we have had CITY forever. I have been with the company 30 years and we have had CITY ever since I started with Zip’s.

All of the people I have worked with are great people and very dedicated. I used to work with Ken Schnor when he was a route rep. Now we have Jim Kleitsch and we have a good relationship with him.

If there is ever an issue, I know I can always call in and speak directly with Ann Steggall, and Rhonda Kerns and get anything resolved. I can tell those two have been with CITY for a long time. They know how to get to the bottom of an issue. If I call them, they take care of it and I never have to hear about it again.

We had other competition come in over the years to see if they could service our account, but don’t we question it. When we expanded to Michigan, we had to find another provider out there.

At the time, I let Rick Buhr (Route Supervisor) look over some of the Michigan paperwork. He questioned some of the billing so I called out to Michigan to get it resolved. It turned out Rick was right and we were able to get our bill reduced. He was very helpful and these are some reasons why we will never switch from CITY.

It has been great working with CITY over all the years because it is just so easy to work with them.