If you’re a business owner or manager, you may be concerned about people’s first impression of your business.

Over 80% of the dirt and grime inside your building was brought in from the outside. A properly managed floor mat and mop rental program from CITY will solve that problem. Additionally, keeping a clean facility reduces the chance of a slip or fall and ultimately reduces your liability.

A frequently asked question regarding floor care is, why can’t I just use store-bought industrial mats – What’s the difference?


Store-bought mats are made of low quality fibers, which inadvertently spread dirt and moisture. Rental mats from CITY are highly absorbent, trapping in the dirt and moisture that would otherwise make your facility appear messy or unsafe. Our rental mats are washed regularly, which allows them to function properly. Quite possibly the biggest benefit to working with CITY is that you’ll never have to worry about cleaning mats, because we will pick them up and have them cleaned for you!


Aside from keeping your facility clean and safe, our mats also provide branding opportunities and added comfort options. Our custom mat solutions allow you to display a company logo on a mat, or use anti-fatigue mats that keep your employees refreshed.


For a full list of CITY’s floor care capabilities and a customized solution, please contact us.