4 Guys Auto

“CITY was always here when we needed something. I knew if there was something I needed, all I needed was to ask my route service representative. CITY has always been a business you can count on.

We’ve been with CITY since 1981, so we’ve been with them quite a while. So when we decided to go back in business in 1986, we decided to go with CITY because they did such a good job. If we needed something, it was there fast. When Mike Kerns, our service representative, comes in, he’ll give us everything we need. CITY knows what it is to take care of a customer because it’s their livelihood.

CITY treats us like family, and that’s important to me because I understand what it’s like to start from nothing. CITY wants you to do business with them because they care about you. Uniforms, mats, towels, grease rags, first aid stations, CITY provides all of it. We want a professional look, and CITY brings that to us. I would never go anywhere else but CITY. It’s somebody I can count on, and that’s what family is.



B&L Testimonial

“We are a family owned business and have been here for about 35 years. We fix and repair transmissions and other general repair on lots of different vehicles.

We rely on CITY’s uniform program to keep the guys clean and safe, and we use their supplies to keep our office, restrooms, and work areas clean. CITY has been a vendor of ours since 1999.

CITY has worked out real well for us. Our route service representative, Mike Kerns, has taken good care of us over the years, and anything that we need, Mike makes sure to get it done. We can always count on Mike.

Even though we have had Mike as a service representative for many years, my father-in-law actually switched from CITY to a different vendor for a short period of time, and he soon realized he needed to switch back to CITY. It was a realization that CITY is our ideal partner for our laundering services.

Besides CITY being a family owned business, it is the people that make the difference. Every week, we bond over a “pop flip” every time Mike stops by. The three of us flip a quarter, and the odd man out has to buy the rest a pop. It takes just a few minutes, and we always get a laugh out of it. It’s something we have always done and make it a point to do it every time CITY makes a stop. Whether that is Mike, his supervisor, regional manager, or someone that is filling in during a vacation, we keep the tradition going every time a CITY truck stops by. We tell them, you’re covered, let’s just flip, and we take care of it.

It is moments like this that is irreplaceable, and that is what makes us proud to be partners with a company like CITY.”


Carey Cleaning

“When our company first started to discuss adding uniforms for our staff, we were all a little hesitant about how much extra work and cost it would be.

As I began my research I came across CITY. I was impressed with their website and decided to reach out for a quote. I quickly received a response and was very happy to set up a time to meet with one of their representatives. In the meantime, I reached out to a few other companies. I didn’t get quick responses or any kind of warm reception like I did from CITY.

A few day’s later Hildy came to visit and discuss the options with me. I was thoroughly impressed with her ability to answer all my questions and make me feel comfortable through the process. I truly felt like she was here to inform and educate me to make sure our company’s needs were met. After she left, my boss had a few more questions and she was very prompt at getting back to me with answers. It was then we knew CITY. would be the right company for us! When she returned to go over the pricing and quote I felt very comfortable being able to speak with her candidly and come to the best decision for all the employees.

The guys were very happy to be receiving the uniforms. Each employee was fitted individually to make sure they received the right size and were getting exactly what they were wanting. Our weekly pick-up/drop-off is always on time and our driver is very friendly. There have been no hidden charges or changes to what Hildy discussed with me from the beginning. Overall, we have been happy with all the staff and interactions with CITY. Hildy is a great representative of the company and I am so happy she is serving us.

If you are looking for exceptional customer service, great uniforms, and competitive pricing, CITY is the only company around who will provide you with all you are looking for. My employees work with grease, paint, oil etc. yet they always look good wearing the CITY uniforms. It is definitely worth it to go with a wonderful company like CITY.”


Clayton County Recycling

CITY has been taking care of our service for 15 years. Their customer service is great and they have been very open, upfront, and willing to help us however

they can with anything we need. Whenever we need something, I know how to get a hold of them and our route representative is in every week so we always talk to him.
In our line of business, our guys are very hard on their uniforms so we have gone to the bright orange uniform shirts so they can be seen out in the yard. We also have jeans, coveralls, coats, mat service, and we just added the air fresheners.

These services are a benefit for our employees because they are dirty from head to toe at the end of the day and that way it saves on their washing machines so it is a huge benefit for our employees.
We started with CITY years ago and they have always taken such good care of us. When we added a yard in Cedar Rapids, we hooked CITY up with that location as well. When you have a good thing going, you don’t mess with it. If anyone else in the area is needing a provider, we would definitely recommend CITY. No one else can compete with CITY.


Mayflower Community

As a new customer of CITY, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased we are with the entire company, product and your employees.

From the first visit at Mayflower by Brian Hillman, it was evident that CITY is superior in customer service. The next step was the opportunity to meet with Mark Ballo, who truly has a passion for providing the right product, at the right fit. He spent a great amount of time with our employees, making sure they would be comfortable in the uniforms he helped us select. Mark even returned on the day of installation to make sure everything was exactly as he had promised, and has followed up several times since to make sure we are being taken care of.

Our weekly service is provided by Jeff Dockendorf, who has done an outstanding job. He is very thorough and conscientious about making sure we are taken care of.

Mayflower had a 10+ year relationship with a national uniform service, and never in that time did we experience the level of customer service that we have had with CITY.


Scott’s Automotive Service, Inc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the outstanding service your company provides! Your commitment not only to make sure our uniforms are in order, the mats are in the best

position, and our towels, soap and air fresheners are full, but you always take the extra time (even when we know your schedule is full) to inquire how everyone is personally. The extra time that is taken to show us that we are more than another stop truly makes a difference to all of us.

The experiences we have had in the past with other companies cannot compare with the excellent service that we receive from Mark and Shane. With a past uniform company, uniforms were either wrong, had to be sent back because we found them in poor condition or dirty, or even at times, did not make the truck at all. There was also a frequent change of driver’s. Many of the checks given to the driver each week were lost or not applied to our bill and when confronting the situation, we were made to feel that these issues were not a priority to their company to resolve. When you depend on the services of others to help run a business, this can become trying and make things extremely difficult to work with.

After receiving such poor service from our past uniform companies, we didn’t think that we had any options and just thought that this was the “normal” of today. After much research was done, we were able to find CITY. We couldn’t be happier as we are always given absolutely the best service anywhere! A big thank you to Mark, Shane, and the entire CITY. for making us family, not just another stop.