4 Guys Auto

“CITY was always here when we needed something. I knew if there was something I needed, all I needed was to ask my route service representative. CITY has always been a business you can count on.

We’ve been with CITY since 1981, so we’ve been with them quite a while. So when we decided to go back in business in 1986, we decided to go with CITY because they did such a good job. If we needed something, it was there fast. When Mike Kerns, our service representative, comes in, he’ll give us everything we need. CITY knows what it is to take care of a customer because it’s their livelihood.

CITY treats us like family, and that’s important to me because I understand what it’s like to start from nothing. CITY wants you to do business with them because they care about you. Uniforms, mats, towels, grease rags, first aid stations, CITY provides all of it. We want a professional look, and CITY brings that to us. I would never go anywhere else but CITY. It’s somebody I can count on, and that’s what family is.



Albert Lea Diesel

I’m a guy that does not like to wait for a decision. If you don’t have a decision when I’m on the phone with you or very shortly after that, then I’m going to the next guy. I want to know if it’s a yes, no, or done so that I can move on to the next thing.

That’s the way that CITY has been with us. If I want something changed, or if I want different towels, or if I want different air fresheners – whatever it is – it’s done. There’s no, “well, let me see if someone can okay this.” It’s just done.

The billing system is very, very easy. CITY’s side of it is fantastic. My representative hands me a piece of paper, and I’ve never had a question about what it is or why it is. The invoice is here every week, and it matches within a few dollars every week. It is so consistent, and that’s what people are after.

I know what my uniforms are going to cost me. It’s the same all the time. If they were bouncing around like other companies do, then there would be no way I would want to do it. I don’t want to have to continually double check what we’re being billed.

Our uniforms always come back great. We’re trying to keep that image of being clean in our industry, and everybody knows it’s hard because it’s probably one of the dirtiest out there. We’re in grease nonstop, but our uniforms are clean and come back like new.

CITY cares, and they take care of the customer. They want the customer like me to grow with them because then they grow. Honestly, they’re probably one of the best that I’ve dealt with on the customer service side, and that’s huge.

We’re getting into a non-personable world where everybody is on the phone or on a computer. There’s no personal contact. I’m much more “old school,” and I want that personal contact. The sales people come in, and they do what they need when we need it. It’s what we want, and it’s what people are after.



Clayton County Recycling

CITY has been taking care of our service for 15 years. Their customer service is great and they have been very open, upfront, and willing to help us however they can with anything we need. Whenever we need something, I know how to get a hold of them and our route representative is in every week so we always talk to him.

In our line of business, our guys are very hard on their uniforms so we have gone to the bright orange uniform shirts so they can be seen out in the yard. We also have jeans, coveralls, coats, mat service, and we just added the air fresheners.

These services are a benefit for our employees because they are dirty from head to toe at the end of the day and that way it saves on their washing machines so it is a huge benefit for our employees.
We started with CITY years ago and they have always taken such good care of us. When we added a yard in Cedar Rapids, we hooked CITY up with that location as well. When you have a good thing going, you don’t mess with it. If anyone else in the area is needing a provider, we would definitely recommend CITY. No one else can compete with CITY.


Kious Kountry

“I just want to thank you for the great service that CITY provides.

We’ve been loyal to CITY and they’ve been loyal to us for fifteen years.

When CITY comes in, they’re always on time. They do what they’re supposed to do, and they get us what we need to keep doing what we want to do. For example, they provide us with all the maintenance-type towels and other products that keep us going. We don’t have to worry about needing anything.

Years ago, Jim Hennessy, who was a long term employee of CITY Laundering, helped us out when we had a situation where holidays fell a certain way and we were all out of products we needed for cleaning cars. We called Jim, and he actually drove in his personal vehicle to Oelwein and got us the products we needed and brought them back here. We had it all in less than four hours.

Our current service rep is also nothing but friendly when he comes in the door. He gets us what we need and walks in the door friendly and upbeat. Those are the type of people that I enjoy doing business with because a positive attitude. It passes on to everybody you touch.

CITY’s communication has always been very good as far what you’re getting charged for. When the bill comes, I take a look at it, and I don’t have to do a bunch of reading or looking over it with a fine toothcomb. I know that what I’m getting billed for is what service they’re providing. It’s been consistent throughout the whole time that I have dealt with them.

I’d recommend them to just about anybody. It’s an important part of a lot of businesses. It may not be the biggest part, but it’s a crucial part. CITY is a great company to work with and they provide great service.”


Porch Light Coffehouse

CITY was able to offer us logo rugs for our business, which was something that was huge, especially being at a reasonable cost. The fact that there’s flexibility and having the ability to say,

“Hey, we don’t need this rug right now, that we’ve changed, we’ve rearranged a little bit, or the season has changed so we don’t need this.” To have that flexibility and talk to an actual person that can make that change for us versus having to go through phone calls or go through paperwork or go through any sort of hoops to get that change made.

We seek local businesses, and if there’s a business that is based in Iowa or Des Moines or Ankeny, any of those are going to be our first choices. I think that’s the only way for a small business to do business – is to seek local as much as possible. The flexibility has been good, the products have been good, and we’ve been very happy with that.

There’s a friendly conversation every morning too with a driver who is personable, who actually lives in the city that he works, and it’s just been a good fit.

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Scott’s Automotive Service, Inc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the outstanding service your company provides! Your commitment not only to make sure our uniforms are in order, the mats are in the best

position, and our towels, soap and air fresheners are full, but you always take the extra time (even when we know your schedule is full) to inquire how everyone is personally. The extra time that is taken to show us that we are more than another stop truly makes a difference to all of us.

The experiences we have had in the past with other companies cannot compare with the excellent service that we receive from Mark and Shane. With a past uniform company, uniforms were either wrong, had to be sent back because we found them in poor condition or dirty, or even at times, did not make the truck at all. There was also a frequent change of driver’s. Many of the checks given to the driver each week were lost or not applied to our bill and when confronting the situation, we were made to feel that these issues were not a priority to their company to resolve. When you depend on the services of others to help run a business, this can become trying and make things extremely difficult to work with.

After receiving such poor service from our past uniform companies, we didn’t think that we had any options and just thought that this was the “normal” of today. After much research was done, we were able to find CITY. We couldn’t be happier as we are always given absolutely the best service anywhere! A big thank you to Mark, Shane, and the entire CITY. for making us family, not just another stop.

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