What it Means to be Service-Minded

Posted on: December 11th, 2017 by Nicole Kessell | No Comments

At CITY, we are here to serve the customer with professional account management. That means our business culture is all about creating peace-of-mind for our customers. We do this by building a service-minded team on every level and by always keeping our customers’ needs in mind.


“When recruiting, it’s crucial to find people who are service-minded. For those who are, it’s just natural for them to do what they say they are going to do,” Sales Manager Chriss Carsello said.


We seek out potential employees who will support our service-minded culture. We believe that, “service is the essence of an authentic team in a service-minded organization, so should service to others be prevalent in the profile of the people that comprise it.”


“Our route service reps start at CITY already service-minded. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be put in a service position,” District Manager Brad Zupke said.


It’s not only important that “employees have a mind for service but also that they’re equipped for service with the relevant customer insight at a moment’s notice.” Our route service reps are trained and empowered to solve problems right on the spot.


Our business is always aware of our customers and “their spoken and unspoken needs.” We identify needs and create solutions so that customers can focus more on their business.


“Responsive communication is the key,” Service Manager Ken Schnor said. “The best way to get something resolved is to first educate yourself on the situation and then physically go see [the customer] as soon as you can.”


But it doesn’t stop there. Almost all of our employees impact customers in some capacity, and “employees at every touch-point and at every level should be customer-minded.”


“I like to motivate our production employees. They often think it is just laundry that we hang, but it’s more important than that,” Operations Manager Jon Cornick said. “Having a clean, properly fitted uniform is important. Without it, the customer starts their day off on the wrong foot, which impacts their work performance and their relationships with coworkers and family. We affect more lives than just the people who wear a uniform.”


Customer service is not a department,” and it is up to everyone to maintain a service-minded attitude. We always focus on service day-in and day-out, as it is an essential part of our business. Our vision as a company is to be the region’s most responsive provider, and that stems from having service-minded employees in all departments.


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