Set Employees Up for Success with Uniforms

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Starting your day off on the right foot can come down to a single piece of clothing.


A clean uniform has the ability to affect employee moral and motivation. A uniform positively transforms those feelings and the way an employee views their job. Employees appreciate their job, have more attachment to their team and company, and contribute more with higher productivity.


“Uniforms put everyone on the same page,” CITY President, Colin Wetlaufer said. “This promotes a positive employee culture and a sense of accountability.”


Below are five important reasons for setting your employees up for success with uniforms.


1) Promotes Team Spirit 

Uniforms help create a sense of unity and team spirit, fostering higher morale among employees. According to a study by Bright Horizons, 89% of employees with high levels of morale report a higher sense of job satisfaction, and in turn, are much more likely to put in extra effort.


2) Improved Sense of Belonging & Equality

A new employee feels quickly part of the team when they are put in a uniform. Additionally, uniforms help employees feel equal to one another, which also reinforces team spirit.


3) Better Understanding of Expectations

Uniforms and dress codes are “useful at they create some parameters and expectations around what is considered appropriate.” With uniforms, there is never any ambiguity in what is considered appropriate because employees always know what they are supposed to wear.


4) Improved Productivity

Feeling part of the team helps an employee become more active within the company, whereas casual dressing “could cause an employee to feel less focused.” Employees will develop a more professional mindset while in uniform and become more productive, whereas in their casualwear, they will connote with social activities.


5) Promote Professionalism & Pride

Uniforms help employees feel professional, and they build a business culture based on professionalism. Employees feel empowered to do and be at their best when representing their company.


For over 110 years, CITY has provided customers with an impeccable service.


“We look forward to Thursday. Thursday is uniform delivery day, and that means Steve Radloff. Not only is Steve fun to be around but also a great representative of CITY.”


Mobile Track Solutions, CITY customer since 2010


Mike Murray (center) of Mobile Track Solutions pictured with two fellow employees, Derrick and Darren.












Employees are one of our customers’ most valuable assets, and we help those employees shine with quality, dependable uniforms with a rental service that goes above and beyond industry standards.


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