CAM, CITY’s Exclusive Billing Solution

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The CITY Asset Management (CAM) program is CITY’s uniquely exclusive billing program. In the changing economy, CITY understands the need our clients have for consistent, quality products without abandoning a superior service.

CAM is CITY’s means to continue providing that superior service, and its roots lie in transparency and our pricing methodology. Based on your business’ operational needs, the quantity of items you have in service, and the use of those items, we are able to calculate an accurate budgeting estimate and even predict your monthly bill. CITY’s CAM program is capable of being used in conjunction with the rental of towels, mats, and uniforms.



CAM is an all-inclusive program that covers the typical industry grey-areas,” said Chriss Carsello, CITY sales manager. “There are typical fees that our competition charges an employer for, such as missing garments, misplaced garments, damaged garments, you name it. The issue with that system is that clients often never received those uniforms in the first place, so they are paying fees they shouldn’t be. CAM is a program that essentially gives CITY the ability to simplify the billing process for our clients. It also doubles as an accountability system on our end, because it helps us to be transparent and honest throughout the invoicing process.”


Transparency is just one of CITY’s advantages in the uniform and facility services industry. One of the greatest benefits of CITY’s CAM program is that it allows clients to predict billing for budgeting purposes. Uniforms are a service provided to people, and with the millions of variables that can occur in just one person’s life, the management of uniform and facility services inventory is extremely volatile. As a result, uniform programs can often be intimidating, and most of all, a hassle for both inventory and budgeting functions alike.


CAM is CITY’s solution to both issues, as its simplicity guarantees transparency, and our billing system is proven to be efficient and capable of preventing unnecessary or inaccurate charges and fees. As a result, your budgeting department and inventory departments don’t have to waste time managing us, and you can instead focus on doing what is needed to grow your business.



“Some of our competitors will say they have a program similar to ours’,” says Carsello. “But we hear from clients that they experienced random restock fees that were simply unavoidable because the employee the uniform was issued to refused to bring them back, or the charges just aren’t accurate at all. So really, those programs aren’t being transparent like CAM is.”



The CAM program covers unintentional damage to uniforms, and that is something that is a huge benefit financially to our clients. Having a simple and transparent process is just one half of CAM; the CAM system is designed to improve our service for our clients.



“When studies are done to learn why it is that clients are frustrated and leave their uniform rental and laundry service provider, the top three reasons given are shortages, repairs not being done, and a lack of fair and accurate billing,” said Colin Wetlaufer, president of CITY. “We felt like CAM really was an answer to all three issues; there are never any extra charges, and the billing is transparent. The relationship we have with a client should be like a partnership, and eliminating means of conflict and providing a clean and simple process is how we foster that relationship for the long run.”


CITY has always been committed to providing a quality service and having value-added partnerships with our clients. Even if that just means simplifying an already existing uniform program, we will go the extra steps to make that vision a reality.



A quality service superior to that of our competitors is the true CITY advantage; however, CITY still strives to be the most responsive, transparent, and innovative business we can be for our clients. This includes both the commitment to meet our clients’ needs as well as create solutions unique to their account.


CAM is just one way we can provide a superior service, and coupled with our UHF chips, they assure our clients of an accurate service, clean and simple.


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