THE WORKING HANDS – Des Moines Cold Storage

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To see the full Des Moines Cold Storage working hands album, please visit CITY’s facebook pageThe album was published November 1st 2017.

Des Moines Cold Storage is one of the Midwest’s largest and most respected refrigeration and processing companies. Our reputation and experience come from over 100 years of serving our clients’ precise business needs. Of course, over the past century we’ve learned a lot about keeping our customers satisfied. While our most basic services involve only the simple refrigeration, freezing, and storage of your products in our custom-built warehouses, our team at Des Moines Cold Storage prides itself on our specially crafted service packages.

Des Moines Cold Storage, established in 1910, is one of the Midwest’s largest refrigeration and processing companies, and with good reason. We’ve been in the business since the days when ice was delivered in horse-drawn wagons. Over the years we’ve learned a few things about keeping customers satisfied.



On behalf of Des Moines Cold Storage, I would like to acknowledge the privilege we have had working with CITY. When our contract came up for renewal, we knew we needed a change. We were not satisfied with the services we were receiving from our previous provider because of lack of communication, unpredictable service, and inconsistent billing. Working with a national provider really put a bad taste in my mouth.

We decided to switch to CITY because they were genuine and the family owned aspect was very appealing.

During the sales process, Hildy Webb was upfront, transparent, and natural. Hildy came through and has done everything she said she would do.

I was nervous that the transition would be a headache, but our Regional Manager Mark Ballo handled it professionally and it went as smooth as it possibly could. Mark is very responsive and makes sure everything is taken care of.

Our Route Rep Shane continues to carry on the great CITY experience by providing phenomenal service each week. There are no surprises and Shane takes care of what needs to be done. We have all built a great relationship with Shane and completely trust him to handle our service.

Finding a provider that is dedicated to meeting all of our needs was exactly what we were looking for and we finally found that with CITY. I am at relief that we partnered with CITY because this is one thing I know is being handled and handled well. I would recommend CITY to anyone that is managing their current uniform program because once we partnered with CITY; I was able to focus on other aspects of my job. The uniform program is something I don’t need to think about because of the trust I have developed with Hildy, Mark, and Shane.

– Chad Witte  Des Moines Cold Storage Manager




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