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Having clean, compliant uniforms available for producing a quality food grade product is a priority that CITY understands.


Food-processing clients receive a customized account management program designed specifically for their needs. CITY clients receive many benefits, as they:


  • Utilize emergency inventory that is readily available.

When contingencies occur, such as having to work extra shifts or an extra workday, you will never have to worry about not having enough uniforms. We determine the appropriate inventory levels based on your consistent usage and requirement needs, as well as account for emergency usage.


“We never run out of clean uniforms because we always have an emergency inventory available to us,” said Donnie Peters, Complex Manager at Simply Essentials in Charles City, Iowa. “[CITY’s] quality management system meets all of our requirements so we can focus more on our business.”


  • Save up to 30 percent.

Our clean and simple approach to pricing is unique to our industry. Based on actual usage rather than a percentage of your inventory, you receive invoicing that is accurate and fair. CITY clients typically save approximately 30 percent when compared to inventory based billing.


“Because of our unique billing, it really sets us apart from our competition because it allows us to make sure that our clients have what they need at no extra cost,” Service Manager Ken Schnor said. “But with traditional billing, they will pay for at least half of their inventory regardless of whether they use it or not.”


  • Receive clean, compliant uniforms with accurate inventories.

With our ultra-high frequency (UHF) uniform tracking technology, we guarantee that we will return an accurate number of garments that are clean, safe, and USDA compliant.


“CITY’s investments in updated equipment and facility improvements show that they have both the capacity and technology to serve our needs,” said Terry Lynn Friesth, Business Development Analyst for Prestage Foods of Iowa in Eagle Grove, Iowa.


  • Onboard new employees quickly and easily.

With high turnover rates within the food processing industry, as high as 44.6 percent reported by the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) latest 2017 study, new employee onboarding can be a challenge. CITY’s inventory management program solves part of the onboarding challenge by ensuring new employees are in their uniforms quickly. With CITY, new employees are available for work on day one, rather than wasting valuable time because they do not have a uniform.


  • Alter production schedules as needed.

Taking an extra break or working ahead of schedule won’t affect your uniform program. You have the privilege to flex production schedules with certainty that your on-site inventory will provide everything you need. That kind of flexibility is incredibly valuable for maintaining production deadlines and producing a quality product.


  • Receive proactive communication.

We initiate communication to solve problems, eliminate surprise, and create a value added partnership and long term relationships. We strive to respond and follow up within 24 hours to resolve any issues that may arise.


“When we do the right thing, clients are confident in our service and real relationships are built,” said Colin Wetlaufer, president of CITY.


Providing food-processing clients with industry specific solutions is CITY’s focus. We strive to simplify our clients’ workday. With an inventory managed service like CITY’s, clients can focus on what’s more important, running their business.


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