Day in the Life of Route Service – Carl Kelley

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A strong work ethic, the kind that spreads beyond the career, depends on a lifetime of learning and strengthening character.


“It’s something you learn over time, it’s not something you’re born with,” Carl Kelley, route representative at CITY, said.


Carl quickly understood the value of work as a child when his grandfather taught him a unique life lesson. If you get yourself into trouble, you also have to get yourself out of it.


“As kids, we took Grandpa’s tractor out in the field, went in a creek, and got stuck,” Carl explained. “That’s when all the kids had to go down there and push the tractor out because Grandpa wouldn’t take the other tractor down there to pull it out. He made us push it out. It was fun because we all learned a valuable lesson.”


Learning about hard work didn’t stop there. Carl grew up with a total of seven children in the home. It was common to see his father working 24/7 to support the large family.


“I didn’t see my dad too much while growing up,” Carl said. “I got to spend more time with him as an adult.”


When Carl was older, he and his father actually combined their hard work ethics by working together doing carpentry and concrete work. They worked together, teaching each other the ins-and-outs of each trade.


“I spent six years with my father teaching him concrete, and he taught me construction,” Carl said. “I was very close to my father. How many sons can say that?”


Carl also has spent time in many other careers. He worked in the hospitality industry, meat packaging industry, and education industry as a custodian for the Iowa City community school district for a few years.


“I really enjoyed my time in the schools,” Carl said. “I loved the kids, and they respected me. I often received cards and invitations to events such as ice cream social. They even called me Mr. Kelly.”


Today, Carl works as a route service representative at CITY. Carl worked his way up the ladder having first started as a custodian, then a route apprentice, and now a route rep that services a large account. Carl enjoys his job, and always puts in the extra work whenever necessary.


“I give 110 percent, and I’m very loyal for the company I work for,” Carl said. “I moved up pretty quick. CITY looks for employees like that. They want somebody that’s going to go above and beyond.”


Carl’s work ethic doesn’t stop at work. In his spare time, he is also completing different home projects that keep him busy.


“I’ve been remodeling my garage. I’ll be very happy when it’s finished. I’ve invested a lot of time and money in it,” Carl said.


Another hobby of Carl’s includes spending time with his four-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Gia. Being a dog owner is very important to Carl, as Gia is much like a son to him.


“All he has to do is bat his eyes at us, and we’re like, ‘oh, here you go. Here’s your treat.’ When I get home and sit in my chair, he always comes up and kicks his foot up. He always has to be touching me,” Carl said.


When asked what Carl plans for the future, he said he’s looking forward to working in his role at CITY until retirement.


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