A New Adventure for CITY Employee Vicki Ault

Posted on: April 16th, 2018 by Nicole Kessell | No Comments

CITY has a strong history of promoting from within. Employees are always encouraged and motivated to advance whenever possible.


As of today, Vicki Ault has officially started in the office as a billing specialist. Starting with CITY almost three years ago, Ault was initially hired as a production employee. She started with CITY at the hanging station then learned the uniform sorting assembly system.


A couple weeks ago, human resources approached Vicki to see if she might be interested in this new position. Ault took the weekend to read over the job description and decided, “This is something I can do.”

Ault has a strong background in how a business functions. By working in the restaurant industry for 27 years, she worked her way up into restaurant management. As a manager, Ault saw a different side of a business, the financial side.


President of CITY Colin Wetlaufer knew about Ault’s background and work experience, and when it was decided to create this position, Wetlaufer recommended Ault.


“I was not expecting it. I view everyday as coming to work and getting my work done. I looked at my position in the final sorting assembly as my own business and I ran it how I needed to in order to get the job done,” Ault said. “It was pretty cool that they recognized that I was able to handle more.”


Ault will become CITY’s second billing specialist alongside long-time CITY billing specialist Rhonda Kerns. Kerns who has been with CITY for 30 years, says Ault is catching on quickly and will make a great addition to the office.


“I couldn’t think of a better teacher than Rhonda. I’m excited to be able to grow with CITY as a company,” Ault said. “I’m looking forward to learning a whole new side of CITY and learning more about how the company runs.”


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