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First impressions set the tone for any new relationship. That tone has a lasting impact on how we view others, which can make or break the outcome of a sales call.


Because the industrial laundry and uniform rental industry is based on contracts that sometimes last many years, our goal at CITY is to make our first impression not only memorable, but also worthy of a second chance if the timing isn’t right. And CITY Sales Representative Hildy Webb is up for that challenge.



“Timing is a big thing in this industry,” she said. “It’s not always the right time the first time that I meet the customer. My goal is to make sure that Hildy and CITY are the first names that they think of when that does come, and that they know they have a trusting face and person to come back to.”


The Process

But the first impression doesn’t end there. Hildy’s second goal is to ensure the customer’s experience is exceptional during the sales process. Every email, phone call, or appointment is an opportunity to establish a real relationship with the customer.


“Relationship building is a big part of it,” she said. “Getting to know new people and not being scared to find out what’s going on in a business and letting them know all about us is important.”


The next steps after turning a customer into a CITY client include transitioning them to the service department so that their account can be up-and-running even before their contract starts.


“The big part of communication between myself and the service side of things comes at the point of assigning a new client,” Hildy said. “All of that is communicated through the district manager or regional manager. We keep the lines of communication open to make sure that what the customer has communicated as far as their needs and their wants are actually fulfilled once the service team takes over.”


As a Mentor

There can be a big learning curve when it comes to learning the ropes of business-to-business sales in this industry. Therefore, CITY provides new sales representatives the opportunity to work alongside reps that have a lot of experience.


“When I am paired with a new sales rep, I remind them that there is rarely an immediate sense of satisfaction – that there’s a process to it,” Hildy said. “I help them understand that it takes time so that it doesn’t seem so defeating. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to keep grinding every day. Make as many phone calls as you can, knock on as many doors as you can. Things will eventually fall into place.”


Day to Day

As a sales representative, every day can bring something new. From meeting new people, to building long lasting partnerships, there are always new experiences to be had when you’re a sales rep.


“I love that I don’t have to be stuck behind a desk,” Hildy said. “I get to be out-and-about, and I get to learn about the city that I live in.”


Hildy’s territory includes the Des Moines metro area where she is responsible for seeking new business opportunities by calling on accounts and selling exclusive programs to meet each of our clients’ needs.


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