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Working for yourself is a goal for many, but not many can say that’s all they’ve ever done. For Kyle Baxter, that goal is a reality.


From childhood through adulthood, Kyle, has been cleaning sewers. He first learned the trade from his grandfather.


“I cleaned my first sewer line when I was seven years old,” said Kyle, “The country club here in town had about 18 inches of sewage in their basement. My grandpa picked me up and said, ‘Let’s go, we’re going to clean a sewer’.”



After that first experience, Kyle said his grandfather wasn’t so sure Kyle would stick around the sewer cleaning business. Nevertheless, Kyle stuck it out through high school working for the City of Perry digging up and repairing sewer lines and water mains.


“My grandpa taught me a lot, but I never got paid,” Kyle said. “So when I got to high school, I started going out and doing stuff on my own, such as little plumbing jobs working on sewer lines.”


After high school, Kyle started a hood and duct cleaning business that never did take off. During that time, he missed the sewer business, so he started his own company in 2006 at the age of 22.


“I bought some new equipment and just started beating on doors to get the word out that we were here,” Kyle said.


He currently owns and operates AccuJet, a sewer and drain cleaning operation based in Perry, Iowa. It didn’t take long for AccuJet to find success and to grow its reputation.


“We kept getting calls for bigger and bigger jobs,” Kyle said. “So we kept getting bigger and bigger equipment. And now our business focuses on large pipe cleaning jobs.”


A company that strives for the top, AccuJet works hard to reach goals by emphasizing a culture of leadership.


“Our employees are all considered leaders in our company,” Kyle said. “We value endurance, and I preach to my guys that there is no limitation on what you can do or what you can’t do.”


Kyle is proud of AccuJet’s ability to do a “standout” job for its customers. The company strives to provide each and every customer with a solution. The goal is to “think first” rather than assume that you’re stuck in a box. In order to provide the customer with the best service, that means working as a team to consistently go above-and-beyond.


“We don’t tell customers we don’t know how to do something or that we can’t do it,” Kyle said. “I tell my employees that if someone gives you an opportunity, say yes, then figure out how to do it.”


Strategic planning is a huge part of AccuJet’s business model, according to Kyle.


“Typically we plan everything a year in advance so that we have our roadmap laid out,” Kyle said. “I recently learned that you should always dream one step bigger, to never quit, and to not be scared of growth.”


AccuJet serves Central Iowa customers in many industries doing preventive maintenance for restaurants, cleaning lines for duplexes and other rental properties, clearing residential stoppages, and repairing sewer laterals with cured-in-place pipe lining or pipe bursting.


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