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It takes a lot of hard work and determination to accomplish our goals, but when you have something that motivates you, your purpose becomes a lot clearer. For Melissa Spicer, making her family proud motivates her to fulfill her ambitions.


“I want my family to see that I’m doing a good thing, and that even with the ups-and-downs in my life, a rough upcoming doesn’t have to have a bad outcome,” Melissa said.



Melissa was born in California, and after traveling and moving around a lot as a child, she and her family ended up in Iowa where she graduated from Turkey Valley High School. After tragically losing her parents, Melissa said she had to grow up quickly and take on a lot of responsibilities right out of high school.


“I had some bumps in the road, and got to learn from some mistakes,” she said. “But I think having those troubles has helped me to grow bigger as a person.”


To continue her personal growth, Melissa taught herself exactly what she felt was necessary to continue on the path in the right direction. Part of that was staying positive.


“I try and keep myself away from the negatives because I want to grow in my life and I want to be here for my family,” Melissa said.


Melissa said she was in need of a job and went online and happened to stumble across a CITY job opening. Once she was hired, Melissa contributed to the culture at CITY. According to Melissa, the people are one of the main reasons WHY she decided to stay and make a career at CITY.


She started in production and did a wide variety of roles throughout the plant. One of her favorite things about her position is being able to stay mobile.


“I like moving around a lot, and I like to just get into it and keep going,” Melissa said.


After working at CITY for a couple of years, Melissa was promoted to a team captain position because of her great attitude, helpfulness, and commitment to exceling in her job, according to CITY Director of Operations Ken Schnor.


“I put effort into everything I do. It feels really good that people at CITY see my work ethic and that I want to be a successful person,” she said.


Melissa also enjoys learning everything she can, not only about her position, but also about CITY as a whole.


“I like my role as a team captain because I can learn the ins-and-outs of everything,” she said. “I love knowing the details, and I like to explore, and being able to keep things flowing well because of all of that.”


Part of her success stems from her ambitious nature, according to Melissa.


“My brain needs challenge,” she said. “If I’m just stuck in one position, it’s nerve-wracking, because I know I can do more and be more. I like to put my abilities in my mind and exceed them.”


Melissa also applies her helpful spirit to her family. After her parents passed away, Melissa took two of her younger siblings under her wing. She supported her twin brothers as they lived with her for a while, and eventually she helped them get on their own two feet.


“I was really proud of them when they got their own place,” Melissa said. “After helping them find their home, I couldn’t stop there. Next thing I know, there was a job opening at CITY, and I did whatever I could to help one of my brothers find a better suited job”


After one was hired, it was not long after that the Spicer duo turned into a trio.


“Both of my brothers asked me to help them get a job, so I explained everything to them about what we do here at CITY, and they asked if I could help them out,” Melissa said. “I talked to human resources, and they both ended up getting a job within a couple months of each other. It’s great because now we get to see each other more often now.”


Melissa greatly treasures her family, and she attributes a lot of her ambition to wanting to make them proud by reaching for the stars.


“I have progressed greatly at CITY,” she said. “But I do it all for my family, especially my parents. I would love to make them proud, and I believe they would be proud of me and my brothers.”


After losing someone close, Melissa said it changes your perspective on life. Living life to the fullest by appreciating everything you have is one way Melissa honors her parents. She also works hard to share and pass this viewpoint onto her own four children.


“I think it’s important to cherish the little moments and the big moments because they are gone faster than you know,” she said.



All of Melissa’s past experiences have helped her become stronger. With her past experiences, and her optimistic attitude, Melissa said she is excited for what the future has to hold.


“I want to be remembered for the impact I make on a person’s day if they are having a rough time,” Melissa said. “I would like them to be able to reflect back on where they were and where they could be just like I have.”



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