Achieving More than They Thought Possible | The CITY Story – EP. 2

Posted on: June 11th, 2019 by Lexie Exline | No Comments

My goal is for somebody to accomplish more than they thought they could accomplish. I think that’s my job as a leader and as a manager; I think that CITY‘s job in all the things that we do. We want our customers to be able to achieve more in business and do more because CITY‘s their vendor and we want our employees to be able to accomplish more in life.


I think CITY‘s ‘why’ is improving the lives and experiences of our customers, employees, and partners by having us be a part of them versus not being part of their team. I think the reality is that as long as those people are better for having been a part of the CITY; what else can you ask for? What else can you achieve? I think that’s a realistic goal. I think it’s achievable. I would hope that we would create a culture where our employees’ value that.

You really have to build trust in relationships with the customer to have those discussions, otherwise, it looks like you’re just passing the buck. Those are real things; you work with people. People have real problems. Real things happen in their lives, so for us, it’s about if we say that we’re putting the customer first in all things.


Fixing a problem is about speed, and that’s where speed and efficiency really matters. So, it’s all about problem-solving and doing the right thing for the customer.


There are too many things that happen in life for something not to go wrong; the difference is when something goes wrong, what do we do to make it go right. I think part of providing good service to your customers is making sure that you satisfy all the needs you can satisfy. I’m incredibly confident in our service department and who they are. I believe truly that our service

people are the absolute best people to perform a service for their customer, and I think it’s really important that they also believe that.


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