Get to Know Kevin Wormwood

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To many, Kevin Wormwood is simply CITY’s First Aid and Facility Services Sales Manager, but he is more than his job title. Kevin is a sports fan, a musician, a father, a husband, and most importantly, he is someone who enjoys lending a helping hand.




Kevin hails from the great lake state of Michigan, which is where his family, as well as his wife Krista’s family, is from. With his family roots, Kevin often makes the trek up North with his wife, and his two daughters, Karlie and Kylie to keep in touch with family.

Before CITY, Kevin spent his time in retail overhauling businesses that needed help, which entailed traveling all over the U.S.


Sales, and giving people support is something Kevin is quite familiar with. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I’m passionate about the development of people as far back as I can remember,” said Kevin.


When asked why he chose CITY, Kevin explained, “As I got to know more people further and learn more about the company, I knew I would love to work there.”


On the weekend, you can find Kevin most likely cheering on some type of sports team- depending on the sports season. Following Kevin’s sporting footsteps, his daughters like to play golf with him when the weather cooperates.

Alongside golf, Kevin is a fan of the Michigan State Spartans and any Detroit Teams on the professional level. Kevin’s family also likes to attend hockey and baseball games.



Perhaps surprising to some, Kevin has quite the knack for musical instruments. In fact, Kevin revealed that he learned how to play saxophone, drums, a little piano, and even horn. Growing up, Kevin said that his band teacher said he “had an ear for music.”


Kevin plays a large role for people throughout his work and home life. For CITY, Kevin manages a team of sales and services to make sure clients are safe and compliant.

In terms of leadership style, Kevin says, “well, it is kind of hands-on. I have developed a kind of a hybrid-style, where I model it more towards the people who I am trying to reach. I guess it is not an all-encompassing one for everybody, because everybody likes to be led differently. I try and maximize each individual’s strengths based on what they need. I am always engaged with my people, either face-to-face, phone calls, etc. I’m always plugged into what they are doing, but for some people that is more on the relationship-side, while for others, it is going to be more in-depth, and coaching different things, so I think it is fluid”.



“My perception of our values is a high value on relationships, first and foremost. You know we value people at CITY, and not only the people who work at CITY but our extended family-the customers. Without your customer, you are not going anywhere,” said Kevin.


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