PRESS RELEASE – Long-Time Route Service Retirement Recognized at CITY

Posted on: March 13th, 2020 by Katie Draves | No Comments

Terry Shaffer has retired after 39 years as a Route Service Representative from CITY Laundering Company. Shaffer started with CITY in 1980, and primarily serviced eastern Iowa for their uniform, floor care, and facility needs.



Terry represents CITY so well. He worked his way up, and Terry has always cared about his customers, always had a smile, and always had a joke,” said Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s Fourth-Generation President.


According to Terry, his approach to customer service was to stay upbeat and always find solutions.


“We are right here locally and if you call us, it’s taken care of I’ll guarantee it,” Shaffer said. “After all of these years, that is what we are all about. We’re personable.”


Shaffer built personal relationships with his customers and also his fellow coworkers.


Terry Shaffer is a very dynamic person. He’s been a great asset to our business over the years and it has been a pleasure doing business with Terry. Terry, thanks for the great service all these years. Appreciate everything you’ve done for us,” said Dan Tauke, of Tauke Motors. [A CITY customer since 1999.]


As a tenured route service representative, Shaffer assisted in coaching and training new route personnel.


Terry’s just a very genuine giving person. Terry is actually one of the Route Reps that trained me 22 years ago when I started. Terry’s customers really love him, and Terry takes great care of them,” said Ken Schnor, CITY’s Director of Service.



The second-generation CITY President, Roger B. Wetlaufer hired Shaffer and Shaffer identifies the late Wetlaufer as his own mentor.


I’ve had a good life at the laundry and have been treated well over all of these years. It has been a good job for a long time, and it is a job I will always remember,” Shaffer said.


After just shy of 40 years in June, Shaffer has decided it is time to retire and spend more time with his family, especially his grandchildren.


“Every time I see Terry, he makes me happy, Wetlaufer said. “He makes me proud to work at CITY.”





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