Eric Mast – A personal success CITY story

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When Eric Mast was 12 years old, he started cutting grass outside the CITY plant in Oelwein where his dad Rick Mast worked. Fast forward to today and he’s looking back at 14 years of service of his own to CITY.

“It’s been rewarding for doing it as long as I have,” Eric said. “Just to see how I’ve progressed, as far as not only in my career but as a person as well. The Wetlaufer family believes in you and everyone here and they want to see you succeed.”

Eric started in the soil dock, unloading soiled garments and making sure they get where they need to be. After a couple of years as a soil sorter, he took on the job as the washroom technician and has since moved on to a leadership role inside the plant. To him, his experience in the washroom is invaluable because of the importance to the operation.

“Not only is it physical but it’s a mental challenge as well,” Eric said. “You are responsible for the entire facility. If something happens in the washroom, the whole plant comes to an abrupt stop. You have to be able to adjust on the fly.”

Eric loves talking about his career and passion for it.  While the washroom position is stressful, he thinks the reward of being able to have a large responsibility inside the plant, outweighs that stress. From calculating how much laundry gets done, to making sure the machines run smoothly, Eric loves being able to show people how important their work is.

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“It’s nice to be able to take the knowledge and expertise that I have and help train and motivate the new employees that are coming in,” Eric said. “To help see how they’ll continue on and help us operate smoothly is very rewarding.”

What’s even more rewarding for Eric is the growth he has seen as a person because of his role at CITY. While his promotion is an important part of his life, he credits CITY and the ability to move up inside the company for his success in his personal life. After getting married, Eric now cares for his family and continues to make a difference at CITY every day.

“It’s one of those things, where your career moves and you get a little nudge,” Eric said. “That little nudge just makes things flourish. The little nudge in my case is CITY.”

With Eric’s promotion, CITY is now hiring for some new washroom technicians with flexible schedules.

To learn more about the opportunities available, visit:


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