Top-10 reasons for a uniform program

Posted on: February 15th, 2021 by Emily Novotny | No Comments

For over 100 years, CITY has taken great pride in providing businesses across the Midwest with uniforms and apparel they can be proud to wear at work. We believe work uniforms have a direct impact on your employees’ morale, image and overall company success.


The CITY uniform rental program has been developed, tested and proven over the last century. With no up-front investment to you, the program is 100% customizable to your workwear needs.

CITY's Top-10 reasons for a uniform program and why your business should have one.

We believe uniforms provide key advantages, both for your employees and for your customers.


It’s not just having everyone in the same clothes, but promoting identity, and at the end of the day improving your bottom line by transferring the confidence your employees have in their company from their uniforms to the customer.


“Uniforms put everyone on the same page,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President said. “It promotes a positive employee culture and a sense of accountability.”


Here are our top 10 of why we believe it’s essential for businesses to invest in uniforms.


  1. Your Look Matters: It’s all about being professional, and by providing you with uniforms that are laundered to the highest standard and look great, your employees will project a knowledgeable and professional look to the customer.
  2. You are One: When your employees are seen by members of the community, they see one uniform. Much like the military, your employees share a bond of unity and teamwork all by simply wearing the same clothes. From top to bottom your organization can shine with a freshly cleaned uniform.
  3. Reliability: Having a professional and unified look tells your current and potential customers you mean business. They can rely on you to get the job done. Much like you invested in looking professional, you invest in the service to your customers.
  4. Safety First: Your employees will be able to work more efficiently and with more productivity because they feel safe. No matter if it’s just a clean uniform or flame resistant and high visibility garments, your employees know they can trust you to leave their uniforms in the hands of professionals so they can go home safe and sound.
  5. It’s your identity: Simply by wearing a uniform you have the ability to reach more customers. Having your logo on your employees means having a walking billboard, marketing your company wherever your employees travel.
  6. Attention to Detail: Your customers will recognize that you care about the appearance of your employees. A uniform program provides the ability to show them you care far beyond just the money for your services. You want to look good at the same time, and that resonates with customers.
  7. No more buying clothes: Your employees instantly have the ability to save money. Because our uniforms are of extremely high quality, they can count on wearing the same great jeans they might have picked on their own in the store. Having to purchase work clothes is a major expense for many people, and by letting CITY take care of your uniforms you put money right back into their pockets.
  8. More time at home: You not only save your employees’ money, but you can also save them time. We found on average, a family of four will spend between 8 and 12 hours a week doing laundry. Having a uniform program for your team will end up saving each employee 2 to 3 hours each week. We dress them so they can focus on their jobs.
  9. Pride beyond measure: Every morning when your employees put on their uniforms, they can feel pride in being part of something great in their community. We have found uniforms can be a great morale booster to increase employee engagement and create a sense of belonging.
  10. The Dress Code: Uniforms and dress codes are useful as they create some parameters and expectations around what is considered appropriate. With uniforms, there is never any ambiguity in what is considered appropriate because employees always know what they are supposed to wear.


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