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Since 1985, John’s Automotive on the corner of Short Street and Johnson Avenue in Cedar Rapids has made sure their customers can rely on a job done right by their local, family-owned and operated repair shop.


“We just try to take care of our community,” Al Wright, owner of John’s Automotive said. “No matter the model or make, we’ll take care of it and make sure it’s done right.”


John's Automotive in Cedar Rapids has been serving the area since 1985.

CITY prides itself on partnering with other family-owned and operated business that provide important services to our communities.


After working at John’s for over a decade, Al had the chance to take over the shop in 2019 and fulfill a lifelong dream. Today he operates the shop with his mechanics, his Service Manager Doug and himself, occasionally still bringing his decade-long experience working on cars, under the hood.


Two of the most important things for Al and his team are honesty and integrity. Al believes in communicating with the customer face-to-face and making sure they understand the issue with their vehicle and exactly how he and his team are going to fix it. That’s why he and his team believe in a clear mission statement that reflects their work: Fixing it right, the first time.


“We have built our reputations with hard work and always thinking about the customer,” Al said. “What are we doing, that the shop down the street is not doing? That’s providing great customer service and excellent service to the vehicle.”


For Al and his team, fixing your car is personal. They realize there are many options when it comes to choosing where you take your car. That’s why they take special care of any vehicle that comes through their garage doors on Johnson Ave. Doug Scott is Al’s Service Manager and deals with almost all customers who chose John’s Automotive for their repair needs. He enjoys having a special connection with his customers and making sure they can count on the service that gets them on the road as reliable and fast as possible.


“It’s like taking care of your own family,” Doug said. “If somebody’s car breaks down, you got to think about what their day might look like. How can I help them to get to school or drive to work again? It’s a real pleasure to help them out and get their cars fixed and fix it right for them.”


Both Doug and Al have worked in the automotive industry for over two decades. For Al, owning John’s Automotive and being able to fix cars for a living is a lifelong dream. When he took over in 2019, he had spent 15 years working at John’s and before in different shops around Cedar Rapids and knew what he wanted his shop to be. A business built on trust with a customer-first approach and true enjoyment when it comes to fixing cars.


“I love the shop,” Al said. “It’s a dream having my own shop and I want to show that to the customers. It’s not about the dollar signs, it’s about taking care of people.”


Dan Berstler is part of the team that is taking care of John’s customers. He has been part of the shop family for over a decade and still enjoys coming to work every day. Much like Al, he’s enjoyed working on cars since he was a child, tinkering on engines with his dad and trying to fix problems. He loves being able to fix an issue and make sure the customer knows how and why it got fixed the way it did. He believes in doing it right the first, double-checking everything as much as he can and digging into an issue deeper than others before him.


“We go the extra mile just to make sure it’s done right,” Dan said. “I want to make sure the customer is so happy; I’ll be the last service technician working on their cars.”


Since 1985, John’s Automotive has been family-owned and operated. Al and his team are excited to continue that legacy for years to come, to show their customers they deal with real humans instead of corporate robots.


When the phone rings at John’s Automotive, it’s the owner and manager who pick-up the phone and are ready to help you.


“From a quick oil change to a complete engine replacement, all customers are important,” Al said. “We take care of our community and that what sets a family-owned business apart.”


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