William Montoya | CITY’s HR Manager

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CITY is excited to welcome William Montoya as our new HR manager.


Originally from the South American nation of Colombia, William went to high school in Costa Rica before continuing his education in various locations around the world.


During his studies, he became aware of a political science program in Decorah, Iowa that eventually led him to come to the United States and study in Eastern Iowa.


William comes to CITY with international experience and a strong focus on making sure CITY's employees have what they need to succeed.

“HR is where I was meant to be.” – William Montoya


“I have been all over the world,” William said. “But I prefer to be in Iowa. I like the quality of life that we get here versus elsewhere. The values I identify with truly mean something here and that’s important.”


One of the most important values for William is Family. During his studies in Decorah, he met his wife Erin who is from the area. The two have two kids together. Part of the reason why William is excited to be with CITY is being closer to Family. After having worked in Des Moines and overseas for several years, the Montoya’s are excited to be back in familiar territory and join a company that reflects their values.


At CITY, you are not a number, you are a member,” William said. “You belong to a community with a century-old history. I am part of something bigger here and that’s awesome. This is a family-oriented company and they care about your family like you do.”


William is excited to bring those values into his work as an HR manager. He is fluent both in English and Spanish and looks forward to working with CITY’s Spanish-speaking staff. He believes in putting people in the right place to succeed to make sure they can achieve their goals beyond just coming to work every day.


For William, face-to-face interaction and being able to help others is something that drives him beyond his HR career. He calls it organizational development, describing and managing where CITY’s team wants to be to take the next steps into the future. HR provides the opportunity for William to develop and grow teams and influence employees to identify with CITY’s Values and support CITY’s growth as the region’s most responsive laundry provider.


“HR is where I was meant to be,” William said. “If you want to be successful in business, you have to have the right people in the right place at the right time, you have to have a sense of urgency and I am really excited about what we can do.”


Apart from being a soccer fan and rooting for FC Barcelona, William spends as much free time as possible with his family. They like to come together and cook and enjoy time with their extended family in Decorah. He also continuous to honor his Columbian heritage by making some of his favorite Columbian food. His favorite right now is arepas, cornmeal cakes that originated hundreds of years ago in a region that now makes up Colombia, Venezuela, and Panama. Those are of course paired with the finest Columbian chocolate.


William is excited to be with CITY and bring his unique background to Oelwein and his new family.


“My family is the most important to me, that’s where I spend my time,” William said. “It’s so great that I get to work with all of you and have you be my family as well.”



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