20 Years Recognition – Randy Jipson

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For over two decades, Randy Jipson has made sure CITY’s customers get accurate deliveries and top-notch service. Randy has spent most of his CITY career as a route service representative but has more recently started a new position at CITY and his impact continues to carry throughout the company.

As CITY’s route trainer, every new Route Service Representative who comes through CITY’s Northeast Iowa doors, has a chance to learn directly from someone who has decades of experience. Randy helps new hires understand the importance of the job for CITY and continues to help coworkers until they are fully trained. 

“I know that if you are comfortable, you are going to do good things for CITY,” Randy said. “You can’t be afraid to talk to someone on the cusp. Even if something is wrong, you still have to talk to them. You got to go in there, and that’s only possible if you are comfortable.”

For 18 years, Route 10 was Randy’s home. Businesses in the Waterloo area benefitted from his attention to detail, his unrelenting smile, and his unwavering belief in customer service. He credits his ability to communicate with his success and believes it’s a crucial skill for all Route Service Representatives.

Randy Jipson's 20th Year At CITY

Randy Jipson 2 decades later at CITY

“You just can’t run in and run out. You got to go in and say, “Hey, is there anything you need any help with?” Randy said. 

Precisely because of those authentic and fulfilling relationships, Randy misses route 10. “It was tough leaving my route,” he said. But now, a year into his new position as route trainer, he says he has found a new place to succeed.

“I think we have a really great group of guys now, and it’s all about finding the right person. You are always going to have people that are not happy, but all I can do is work as hard as I can to try; you always try.”

Matt Huston is one of Randy’s most recent trainees. He is now on his own serving customers all over the Cedar Rapids area. No matter if it’s reading an invoice, communicating with the customer, or learning how to load the truck. For Matt, Randy was a crucial part in making him successful on his route.

“You can literally ask him any sort of little question that you have, and 99% of the time, he can give you an answer right then and there,” Matt said. “Every time Randy rides with me, I end up learning something. He makes everything just go a lot easier.”

Being with CITY for 20 years means a lot to Randy.  It’s the people that have made a difference for him. Whether it’s the customers or his fellow Route Service Representatives, Randy feels like he has found his calling in making others better and helping them achieve their goals.

“Every day, there’s probably going to be a problem that pops up,” Randy said. “Don’t get discouraged by it. You can fix it; you are the route rep, and you can take care of it and make the customer happy.”

Randy doesn’t know what each day on the route will look like but one thing is clear — the joy and positivity he reflects onto CITY’s new Route Service Representatives motivates him to keep going every day.


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