The Growth of CITY’s First Aid Division

Posted on: August 2nd, 2021 by Natalie Rudrud | No Comments

In just six months, CITY’s First Aid Division has seen major success. The team has already exceeded their entire 2020 sales in the first half of 2021.

The First Aid Division is one of the fastest-growing CITY divisions and it is led by three key people.

“We came into 2021 with more confidence. We took a hard look at our routes from the last year and we were able to reroute to make our stops more efficient and effective,” First Aid and Facility Services Division Manager Kevin Wormwood said.

The division started in 2017 with First Aid Sales and Service Representative Al Voigt. After spending a couple years as a successful route service representative out of CITY’s Des Moines market. Al got the division underway and within two years, after which Kevin joined the management team to oversee the rapid first aid growth.

The First Aid Service Representative is also another tenured route service representative that found success in the first aid division.

Rick Myott has been with CITY for over two decades and has brought stability to the first aid customer service.

From first aid cabinets to personal protective equipment [PPE], to automated external defibrillators AED, this year so far for the CITY first aid team, “has been the biggest five months that our First Aid Program has ever had,” said Kevin.

According to Kevin, the future of the First Aid Division is worth following.

The team is expecting to expand and improve its offerings. Kevin is working with manufacturers directly to increase the margins, make us more competitive in pricing while adding value to current customers.

“My job is to make sure all employees have everything they need if something ever happens, Al said. “When a business invests in a managed safety program with CITY, everyone wins.”

Kevin believes CITY is the best provider to service other businesses and he said they are ready to expand the division.

CITY recently added new product lines such as chemical dispensing stations and Kevin said there may be a possibility to offer fire extinguisher inspections.

The next phase of the division according to Kevin, is hiring a First Aid Representative in Minnesota and a representative on the Western side of Iowa before the end of the year.


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