Jason Trenkamp

Jason Trenkamp

Rental Sales Representative

Jason takes pride in working for a family-owned and operated business that’s been in Iowa for over 100 years. He calls CITY a small, big company with a strong focus on their employees, culture and service.

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Local and Family Owned Business

Since 1906, CITY has thrived as an independently-owned industrial laundry provider with its distinctive ability to go above and beyond with responsive and committed values. Generations have trusted CITY, and as a multi-generational, family-owned company, we have forged partnerships with clients that last. By reinvesting in employees, the latest technology, and its facilities, CITY continues to focus on ways to improve its service.

CITY offers diverse solutions to virtually any industry:

  • Service Companies (Repair Shops, Schools, Churches)
  • Retail (Convenience Stores, Eating Establishments)
  • Transportation / Public Utilities (Railroads, Trucking, Gas and Utility Companies)
  • Construction (General Contractors)
  • Agriculture (Farms, Ranches, Orchards, Greenhouses, Dairies)

Regardless of what industry you're in, we will help you get what you need.




CITY Asset Management Program

As a CITY Customer, you can be assured you will receive no surprises or random fluctuations in your bill related to new employees, losses, un-returns, or damages. Our CAM program assists you with those unexpected or sudden events.

New Employee Onboarding

A new employee at your business will quickly feel part of your team when they are part in a properly-fitted and compliant uniform within one week. With our on-time, work order fulfillment capabilities, CITY helps you to increase moral and to display company pride.

With our CQM proven process, we have a one-week fulfillment rate of 94% for each work order.


With high-quality manufacturers, CITY helps you to maintain team unity and brand consistency. You will be easily identified and remembered by customers when you keep up with the latest trends and keep all employees connected to your corporate brand.

More importantly:

  • We listen to your expectations and advise you on appropriate apparel.
  • We provide artwork samples, so we have a clear understanding of your brand expectations.
  • We offer a variety of decorating options.