Helping Trumps Selling

Posted on: March 7th, 2016 by Emily Novotny | No Comments

Selling. Selling can be such an intimidating single word.

Why is that?

This is how Google

defines the verb “selling” –

1) Give or hand over (something) in exchange for money

2) Persuade someone of the merits of

Looking at that, I am not sure of anyone who doesn’t enjoy receiving a payment for something they earned so the second definition is what leaves the frighting shadow. Perhaps it is because back in the day, sales representative were “dirty”. They were trying to sell you a product that you didn’t need.  A good sales representatives could convince or manipulate anyone into making a purchase.

However, time has changed. The Online world is there to act as your backup and your partner in investigating the truth behind services and products. Even with the internet, people still get “sold” everyday, but that is not because they were handled, but because they had a need or a want.  I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable when they hear they have to sell, but selling isn’t bad all the time.  You know what I have never felt bad about? HELPING

In order to be successful, every business has to be able to exchange money for something they earned. Helping others should rewarded and something else happens when you help someone. They feel good about it too. Everyone involved with the exchange should be left feeling GREAT. So, what does this have to do with CITY?

“The function of servicing and managing a product has a cost when making multiple small decisions which detracts from their business,” Vice President and General Manager Colin Wetlaufer said.

“One reason why [Route Supervisor] Rick Buhr and [Des Moines Regional Manager] Mark Ballo are successful is because they make their customers know that they genuinely care about their problem and how they want to fix it. They are not selling, they are helping.”

To see results, you must step back and  remove yourself from the equation and understand that you have to focus on your audience and eliminate yourself from that focus.

Whatever role you play at CITY, if you are sharing an idea or communicating a concept, you are a part of that sale process and no matter where you are at in the process, HELPING will always trump SELLING.

-Ken Schnor | Director of Operations


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