5 Reasons to Rent Flame Resistant Uniforms

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Flame resistant uniforms offer significant safety benefits to employees that protect from serious burns. Particular employees that benefit include those that are potentially exposed to ARC flashes and flash fires.


ARC Flashes

  • Electric utilities
  • Electrical contractors
  • General industry electrical maintenance
  • Etc.


Flash Fire

  • Oil refineries
  • Ethanol plants
  • Oil exploration
  • Fuel haulers
  • Etc.


*This list includes a small portion of workers that are exposed to these hazards.


While flame resistant clothing does ignite and burn, “once the ignition source is removed, it will ‘self-extinguish’ by depriving the fuel source of oxygen, which causes the fire to burn out,” Brandon Iverson, Territory Sales Manager for VF Workwear said.


“Flame resistant clothing is worn to reduce the amount of body burn when exposed to electrical ARC flash or flash fire hazards,” Iverson added. “Reducing the amount of body burn to an employee drastically increases their chances of survival.”


Flame resistant clothing has very specific washing instructions.


In order to maintain flame resistant (FR) uniforms, they must be cared for properly. Every garment has special water and dryer temperature settings. You also cannot use bleach, peroxide, certain detergents, fabric softener, or dryer sheets. Sometimes, the FR properties that are very important in protecting the wearer can actually be removed or altered if washed incorrectly.


A uniform rental service eliminates the guesswork. CITY does all the research to make certain you receive a properly cared for garment, saving you valuable time and money.


Washing garments at home isn’t safe.


FR uniforms often become exposed to greases, oily soils, and other flammable contaminants that can ultimately overwhelm the FR properties of the fabric. Home laundry machines and detergents do not always adequately clean the garment, leaving flammable residue behind.


Not only does washing garments at home leave unsafe residue behind, doing so also exposes your entire family to dangerous contaminants. These substances pollute your laundry machines, spreading to family members’ clothing and bedding. Simply bringing soiled, contaminated clothing into your home can wreak havoc on your family’s health causing serious health issues, including slow mental development and life-threatening tumors.


Our CITY Quality Management System ensures employee safety and compliance.


By using a uniform rental and laundering service, employees can be confident that they are wearing compliant and safe uniforms. CITY cleans uniforms using their specific care instructions. Furthermore, we specifically repair garments with proper flame resistant fabric patches and threading. We take special care in ensuring our clients receive properly maintained garments.


With our ultra-high frequency tracking technology, we track each individually chipped uniform through every step of the laundering process. The system keeps record of the number of washings and repairs a uniform undergoes, which guarantees a high level of customer service for our clients.


By having a provider like CITY who takes safety compliance seriously, you give your employees added protection in the workplace. Our clothing protects from events such as flash fires or an electric arc, dramatically reducing your liability.


All of CITY’s flame resistant garments are designed to meet NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112 and OSHA 1910.269 regulations.


You avoid an upfront investment.


With a uniform rental program, CITY purchases the necessary garments, saving you the upfront cost of purchasing uniforms. We also provide you with embellished uniforms with emblems, including your employee’s name and company logo.


“FR clothing can be expensive, using a laundry service reduces the upfront investment the employer has while still ensuring their employees are compliant with care and maintenance instructions,” Iverson said.


We provide a convenient service.


Clients who enjoy a uniform rental and laundry service no longer have to deal with the hassle of managing, laundering, or repairing employee uniforms. The CITY advantage is our unique ability to simplify our clients’ workday so they can focus on what’s most important, running their business.


“Cost really matters, but it only matters after the risks are taken care of,” Colin Wetlaufer, President of CITY, said. “We do a great job working with the customer to figure out the type of FR garment they need to ensure safety.”


Employers are ultimately responsible to provide employees with proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including flame resistant uniforms with proper cleaning and maintenance training. CITY can simplify this requirement by providing your employees with a uniform rental and laundering service that guarantees uniforms are processed correctly.




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