The Limits are Endless with Norchem Corp.

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Every company values its brand, vision, and people. As important as those values are, putting the customer at the forefront is also fundamental for success. Norchem Corp. is one company to do it all.


“I’m passionate about my work and my response time is within minutes,” Leo Gastelum, national account manager at Norchem, said. “I’m passionate about my customers and I give my customers 24/7 support. Without my customers, I wouldn’t be here.”


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The Norchem team.


Gastelum started his career at Norchem after having grown up in the business. His father has been an integral part of the company for over three decades, and Gastelum was able to learn early on the importance of relationships and how they are a key element to Norchem’s success.


“What I do as a manager is make sure I take care of my customer’s needs. What’s their priority is my priority,” Gastelum said. “Whether I am on the lake or boating, I keep my phone on me because I know how important it is to keep a [production] plant running.”


At the Core

Norchem values its ability to offer some of the laundry industry’s most revolutionary water filtration and purification technologies. Innovation isn’t just something the company values; it’s part of its identity.


“Making innovation the cornerstone of our company’s growth strategy is what keeps us at the cutting edge,” said Karineh Minissian, business relations marketing coordinator. “We want our customers to know that their challenges are our challenges and solving them in a methodical fashion that creates more value for their own customers is our top priority.”


Since the very beginning, one of Norchem’s cornerstone philosophies has been its dedication to the customer. As daughter of the company’s founder, Minissian grew up with a unique perspective of that dedication.


Growing up at Norchem.


“That dedication is something that I’ve seen since as long as I can form memories,” Minissian said. “That’s definitely a part of my father (Kevin) that has transformed a lot of the way we service and has established a lot of what Norchem’s mission is now.”


Innovative Solutions

In the early 1990s, Norchem recognized the amount of energy and water being wasted in different industries. The company began to develop an innovative system, which allows water and energy to be recycled. In 1995, Norchem installed its very first chemical-free water recycling system know as the UltraPure system.


This design helps companies to recycle water for energy and chemistry recovery, to remain industry compliant, to reclaim wastewater, and to reduce operational costs.















“We consider ourselves to be a very green company,” Michael Soussa, director of sales, said. “That’s a very fulfilling part of the job for me. Not only are we helping the environment and sustaining it, but we’re also bringing cost savings to our customers. I think that bundle drives me to do what I do.”


The UltraPure system also earned the 2013 MVP2 Award and was recognized for its service to pollution prevention.


“We produced this system long before anyone saw the significance,” Soussa said. “A majority of those in the laundry business are still using the older DAF technologies. But the industry is just starting to see the value in this technology.”


Area of Expertise

Norchem now specializes in providing green chemical solutions and water purification and recycling for the laundry industry. With 40 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, and software engineering, these three divisions provide customers with customized solutions and services designed to minimize environmental impact with innovative technology. This holistic and exclusive approach offers customers a start-to-finish solution for laundry applications.















“We can start a plan from the beginning, and we can finish it up,” Gastelum said. “The limits with Norchem are endless.”


Norchem / CITY Partnership

CITY partnered with Norchem to recycle 70 percent of its wastewater by installing the UltraPure system in 2013. For more information on this project, click here.


“At the top of Norchem, the technology and systems they design are second-to-none,” CITY President Colin Wetlaufer said. “They are the best in innovation in the chemistry industry, and they are really pushing the envelope.”


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