Keeping Production Running with an Emergency Uniform Inventory

Posted on: April 2nd, 2018 by Nicole Kessell | No Comments

Food processing employees must always begin each shift with a clean, HACCP– (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) conscious uniform. And being prepared with replacement uniforms to maintain a hygienic food-handling environment is critical.


With CITY’s emergency inventory program, you will always have clean, compliant uniforms. We provide you with an accurate inventory count, plus emergency stock kept on-site at your business. Having an emergency stock and our usage billing method means you will never need to worry about having to alter your production schedule for any reason.



Extra Shifts

When you need to work an extra shift, an emergency uniform inventory program will provide you with an easy solution. Whether your extra shift is due to an increase in production or an unexpected demand, you can rest easily knowing that your employees can exchange used uniforms for clean ones whenever necessary.


Additional Breaks

Sometimes employees need to step off the production floor due to illness, to attend a company meeting, or to simply take an additional break. An emergency uniform inventory provides reassurance that employees can always be reissued a clean uniform before reentering the production floor.


Emergency Shut Down

Many reasons can occur that cause you to shut down production, resulting in employees leaving the production floor. They can include unexpected equipment failure, weather related incidences, problems affecting suppliers, or work injuries. No matter the reason, employees can always exchange uniforms from your emergency stock at any time.


Increased Number of Employees

Adding uniformed employees to your workforce can be a challenge, especially if you need them to start on day one. With high turnover rates within the food processing industry, as high as 44.6 percent reported by the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) latest 2017 study, new employee onboarding can be a challenge. An emergency uniform inventory gives you the flexibility to add new employees quickly.


Always having what you need, when you need it most, can be a struggle. But with CITY’s emergency inventory program, you can be certain that uniforms will be available to produce a quality product.


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