Food Safety From Your Uniform Provider

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Food Safety From Your Uniform Provider


Consumers expect their food to be safe when it ends up on the dining table, and the process of ensuring safety starts at the farm. Consumers also want to know where their food comes from and what’s in it, but the farm-to-table movement is about more than that. It’s also about food safety, and the role farmers, government agencies, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers all play in the food supply chain.


The majority of purchasing decisions for families happen at the grocery store or restaurants. Food safety is often a concern as 61 percent of Americans take this into consideration when choosing what to eat.

Food safety is a shared responsibility that must be adopted by all involved in the supply chain. However, when consumers are asked whom they think is responsible for food safety, the majority think food processors are primarily responsible, according to The Center for Food Integrity’s transparency report.


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