Director of Operation’s Responsibilities | Ken Schnor

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Ken Schnor is the manager behind the thorough and responsive service our clients count on with every interaction. As CITY’s Director of Operations, Ken is tasked with managing the communication and decision making between CITY’s service and production departments. Ken was originally Service Manager at CITY, but in order to simplify our internal service process, we recently restructured management positions to bridge the gap between the production team and service team to streamline service for our clients.


Ken’s Service Involvement

Ken’s job, like our business, revolves around our clients. Ken’s typical day doesn’t exist, because each day is different in his position.

As Director of Operations, Ken doesn’t just work behind the scenes. In fact, Ken is one of the first in line to respond to problems that our clients encounter when it comes to our service. At CITY we pride ourselves on having route service representatives who can problem solves and accommodate any client’s needs, but when they can’t, we have the additional promise of a key decision makers being just one call away. Ken is one of those decision makers, and he believes providing a solution for our clients isn’t just a responsibility, but a privilege.


Ken & Responsive Service

Even when clients have direct contact with decision makers at other service providers, finding solutions to problems can often be difficult, and days or even weeks may pass before the actual solution is implemented.

With CITY, our service will always be direct and responsive. Ken has over a decade of experience as a route service rep and another decade of insight as CITY’s service manager prior to becoming director of operations. As a result of that insight, clients won’t suffer because of a disconnect between CITY’s decision makers who work from the office and route reps who actually deliver the products and services, because there is direct communication between the two each and every day. Ken understands the interactions that take place between route reps and clients, and he knows what it takes to not just come up with a solution, but to implement it in a timely manner that doesn’t hinder our client’s production.

When the service department is notified that a client needs a solution to a new problem, finding that solution becomes Ken’s priority. Ken strives to ensure a solution is created within 24 hours and then communicated to the client, route reps, and of course, implemented permanently before the week is over.

“Responsive communication is key,” said Schnor. “The best way to get something resolved is to first educate yourself on the situation and then go see [the client] as soon as you can.”


Experience in the Industry

Ken has been working at CITY for over 20 years, and all of those years have been spent in the service department. Ken started working at CITY as a route apprentice, and after absorbing CITY’s values such as responsiveness, quality, and commitment to our clients, he was promoted to route service representative when the position opened up. Ken continued work as a route rep for over 13 years, and because of that experience, he was given the opportunity to be a route supervisor for 3 years. Shortly thereafter, as a result of CITY’s growth, the position of Service Manager was created, and Ken was chosen to head up the department. Now, after 20 years at CITY, Ken has been promoted once again to the position of Director of Operations.

Over the years, CITY has grown exponentially, but our service has remained consistent and committed to giving our clients our best effort.


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