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For some individuals, the hiring process can be a daunting task. There are a variety of questions that run through an individual’s mind when searching for a new job. We want to help people in their quest to find the perfect job at the right company.


For us, following some standard, easy tips could make the difference if you land the job or not.


“The key to CITY’s successful culture is having people who believe in that culture,” said Colin Wetlaufer, president of CITY.


We put together three tips to remember when applying for a job, especially at CITY. These tips include, but are not limited to: going to the company’s website (, visiting the employee directory (or the about us page) on the website, and coming to the interview prepared and ready to ask questions.


Go to the Website

Visiting the company’s website is crucial when wanting to be hired. It shows the hiring staff that you have taken the time to research the company before coming in for an interview. Looking at the company’s website also shows that you want the job and are willing to work for it. Although you may already know the company you are applying for, looking at the website allows you to get a better understanding of what they do, why they do it, and current changes and events pertaining to the business. Like many companies, CITY has greatly expanded since opening its doors in 1906, which was over 100 years ago. What started out as a laundry servicing company evolved into much, much more, which has allowed CITY to tremendously grow.


Check out the Employee Directory

Looking at the employee directory on a company’s website allows individuals to see who will be conducting your interview, who your potential manager could be, and in some cases, the website contains biographies about the management staff. Although CITY is a laundry service company, we have multiple departments, such as: management, sales, office, marketing, production, maintenance, and service. Together, these departments make up CITY. When looking at a company such as CITY, an individual may not think that all of these opportunities that make up the company.


Come Prepared and Ask Questions

Coming prepared to an interview allows the hiring staff to see that you have taken initiative and are genuinely excited and eager for the opportunity. In addition, it also shows that you will make the effort when accomplishing tasks. Coming prepared to an interview could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate. Although you may not think that the people doing the interview will notice, it could make or break your interview. Being prepared for an interview does not only include practicing how to respond to typical job interview questions; it also includes preparing questions to ask the individuals interviewing you. CITY recommends that individuals coming in for an interview should have three to five questions prepared.




The hiring process will always be a challenging task but if you put in the work, the results are worth it. There are many tips to help individuals prepare for interviews, but here are the three basic tips CITY has put together to get you started.

1 – Go to our website.

2 – Check out our employee directory

3 – Come prepared and ask questions.


Following these tips will help you get ahead of the pack when applying for a position at CITY.

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