There’s No Other Way | The CITY Story – Ep. 1

Posted on: March 28th, 2019 by Emily Novotny | No Comments

When we talk to our customers and ask them “Who’s your best vendor? Who helps you the most? Who does the most things for what you pay for?” We want their answer to be us. We want to be that vendor they depend on and say, “oh CITY will take care of it.” President of CITY, Colin Wetlaufer, personally thinks that’s a really admirable goal, and I think we can achieve it.­­



One of our core values is putting the customer first in all things. That may mean a lot of different things depending on who that customer is. CITYis in the business of saving our customers’ time. We want to be part of somebody’s business and we look at it as someone just outsourcing an essential function within their business. They are trusting us with managing their uniformsmats, and facility services for them. “I don’t think there’s any other way to do it other than the right way, ”Wetlaufer said.


Uniform programs are a great benefit to employers. We are helping their business. For example, let say someone is looking for a job and has received two offers. If one employer has a uniform program, then that’s going to be a selling point. Having that one, single program can show employees that you care, that you’re going to treat them well, and that you care about their needs. The risk of not having a uniform program is the possibility of losing great candidates.


Also, once a company has an amazing candidate, you can onboard employees in uniforms and this helps them assimilate into the culture. Uniforms are such a benefit to employers and employees that if a company was thinking of cutting their uniform program, “that conversation should be just as serious as a meeting about cutting health insurance” Wetlaufer said.




Uniform programs provide as much value to employees as well. There are people that want to put on a uniform to work hard and get dirty. Some people want to put on uniforms so they don’t have to worry about their image. There are also people who want to put on uniforms so they’re safer. There are people who want to be a part of a uniform program because it’s a great benefit and they don’t have to do laundry at home. There are so many reasons why someone would want a uniform program.


“We serve the people who are excited about their high-visibility, green welding jacket or their navy shirt with their name on it or their Ford dealership shirt because they wanted to work for Ford their whole life. That’s blue collar. That is who this company is for, that is who we are, ”Wetlaufer said.


We don’t view ourselves as simply a uniform company. We are in the business of helping our clients by putting their needs first, helping their business image, helping their employee satisfaction, and striving to be their best vendor.  We do this by being the most responsive launderer in the region; we take ownership for the service we provide, but most importantly, we take pride in the services we offer.


“At the end of the day, we want to create long lasting and beneficial relationships with our clients because that’s how we serve our customers,” Wetlaufer said.



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