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With first aid, many business owners are thinking about the future, but they are also thinking about tomorrow. Safety and health hazards exist all around, but it is the daily approach to these aspects that determines the outcome. An integral part of any first aid program is compliance. Compliance is the process of adhering to set guidelines, set forth by entities such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which is essential to a successful first aid program.



As some business owners are aware, it can be challenging to know the best solutions to protect employees and provide a safe work environment. Therefore, giving attention to safety on a regular basis ensures that your employees can do the work that is expected of them so that customers’ demands will be met.


“Anything that keeps people up at night, we want to check the boxes and eliminate those things. I think that safety and first aid are really one of those things that every business owner, every senior manager wants people to have a positive experience at work,” said Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President.


At CITY, we understand the importance of having quality first aid products and services focused on workplace safety compliance.


To ensure your business is fulfilling its compliance responsibilities, one must always consider OSHA (OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration which ensures safe and healthy working conditions for employees by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance), which helps to define exactly what you need to do in order to be compliant. To some, OSHA can seem daunting, but CITY can help you to navigate through each step.


As Kevin Wormwood, CITY’s First Aid and Facility Services Manager notes about the first aid team in particular – they keep clients compliant in “several different ways – making sure that we have the supplies on-hand that they need to administer first aid for their workers, and visitors, but also inspecting it, to make sure items are fully stocked. This keeps them safe and gives them peace of mind so that if something were to happen, they have the supplies on-hand.”


First aid kits allow you to be prepared for the unexpected. If there would be an emergency or an injury­­­–minor or major–having a first aid kit allows you and your employees to take care of the issue right away. Also, having strategic areas, for a first aid station, ensures that a problem does not persist any longer than necessary. Worst case scenario, you find yourself in an emergency situation without a first aid kit, you may wish at that moment there was a proper safety procedure in place.


Without a first aid kit or a safety program, you are putting yourself, your employees, and, ultimately, your business at risk. As such, it just makes sense from a business standpoint to have precautions in place so you do not have to worry about the what if’s and you can worry about the more pressing matters, like those of your business.


Another benefit of first aid kits – it helps ensure that your business stays compliant with OSHA. Therefore, having a system in place could decrease stress levels from a business owner, senior management, and all individuals working within the facility.

Furthermore, “from the employee standpoint, you’re putting your employees in a position where they can produce the results that you want them to produce,” said Kevin.


As business owners, we understand that time is money, and neither can be wasted.


Therefore to save clients valuable time and money,  we offer a well-managed, hassle-free first aid program that is serviced to remain fully stocked with high-quality safety products by trained safety specialists. We help businesses stay OSHA compliant as well as lowering worker’s compensation costs in the process, with minimized risk.


CITY also works in conjunction with Accel Group, which is a safety assessment company that deepens CITY’s relationships with clients from a safety standpoint. Case in point, for those who do not have an on-site safety management team, an outsourced service like CITY is a very valuable tool for business owners as well as each individual they employ.


A well-managed first aid program relieves the stress of compliance, which ultimately saves the company time and money long term.


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