An all encompassing risk management partnership

Posted on: May 18th, 2020 by Emily Novotny | No Comments

CITY’s partnership with the ACCEL group is continuing to deepen CITY’s relationship with our customers and provide them with products to keep their business and employees safe.

“Anything that keeps people up at night, we want to check the boxes and eliminate those things,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President said. “I think that safety and first aid are really one of those things that every business owner, every senior manager wants people to have a positive experience at work.”



CITY’s partnership with ACCEL centers around the DISCOVERisk program. At the core stands an audit process showing companies how to best assess risk management in their workplace environments. The DISCOVERisk program handles everything from general safety, OSHA compliance to insurance. The focus is on creating a process to analyze current risk management and improve upon it.

“We believe that it’s very important to identify problems, do a thorough analysis where we can and then educate the client on essentially where their current risk management program stands,” Kyle Ledger, the business risk advisor and part of the DISCOVERisk team for ACCEL said.

While partnering with ACCEL, CITY also offers clients a first aid program that is well-managed by trained representatives to remain fully stocked with high-quality safety products referred to by ACCELCITY helps businesses stay OSHA compliant, as well as lowering worker’s compensation costs in the process with minimized risk.

Several years ago, CITY went through the DISCOVERisk audit and identified ACCEL as an important part of CITY’s overall company risk management strategy. As part of the program, a team solely focused on security in and around the business meets as part of the CITY safety committee each month. Everything from OSHA compliance to individual employee safety training, are able to be done in-house without having to involve outside vendors.

“What sets us apart is we try to customize to what the needs are,” Lisa Hingst, Risk Improvement Strategist with the ACCEL group said. “Everybody is in a different place with their safety programs. There may be ones that are very mature and they just want a refresh on some stuff, or there may be some that are new and don’t know what they need to be doing and so we provide that.”

CITY felt an immediate impact after collaborating with ACCEL and being part of the DISCOVERisk program. Insurance costs immediately went down and the safety environment for employees became even more risk-free because of the program’s proactive approach to safety.

“It’s like having our own safety director,” Colin said. “Being part of a total quality management system on a big scale is so beneficial. We want to share positive things with people that we are partners with and the ACCEL group is an indispensable partner in the safety process, they are part of what we do.”

By establishing a partnership to connect CITY first aid services with the DISCOVERisk consulting, clients will receive a risk management program rivaling the best in the business.

“Taking our partnership with CITY to another level is really exciting,” Kyle said. “Connecting our expertise in risk management with CITY’s safety-first aid products platform really does allow us to create a very all-encompassing risk management program for clients.


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