Making it Count | CITY’s Unique Billing Structure

Posted on: June 22nd, 2020 by Emily Novotny | No Comments

CITY’s unique approach to making sure customers are receiving a Clean and Simple service the right way trickles down throughout all aspects of the company. One of the most important, however, is how CITY charges customers for their services.


“We think when somebody partners with CITY, what they really want is us to manage their uniforms, so they can manage their business,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President said. “Whatever your work may be, we want to make sure that aspect of your business is taken care of and that’s what we do.”


To provide the best service possible, CITY developed its own system when it comes to billing customers. The CITY Asset Management program or CAM was developed to provide a consistent and transparent service. Based on our client’s operational needs, the number of items they have in service and their business operations, CITY’s staff will calculate and fully customize a billing solution that addresses potentially inconsistent weekly invoicing and takes care of irregularities like missing or damaged garments.


“The whole process, from pricing down to how they use the product, should all be specific to that customer,” Colin said. “It starts with understanding the bill and making it as easy as possible for the customer.”


Unique to the laundry industry, the key for CAM is to keep the customer’s bill as simple as possible, but also not oversimplifying it. Colin believes in giving the customer the ability to look at the bill, and at first glance, be able to identify the most important charges. It’s all about understanding what a customer is paying for, what’s included in the service and how CITY is providing the service.


CAM is a program that essentially gives CITY the ability to simplify the billing process for our clients,” Chriss Carsello, CITY’s Sales Manager said. “It also doubles as an accountability system on our end, because it helps us to be transparent and honest throughout the invoicing process. It’s a great way for our customers to understand what we do and how we do it.”


At its core, the CAM program helps maintain a positive client-business relationship because customers don’t have to be frustrated with inconsistent invoices or uncontrollable fees. Their bills are always predictable and easy to understand. Because CAM creates predictability by not charging fees for missing or damaged garments and including coverage for repairs, upgrades and even unreturned uniforms, customers can rely on steady service and bills.


CAM is just such a unique program,” Chriss said. “It allows us to be 100% transparent with our clients and it allows our clients the ability to budget for their services.”


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