The Perfect Fit

Posted on: August 20th, 2020 by Lukas Voss | No Comments

CITY is constantly growing and so is the demand to bring in the right people for the job. With the addition of an in-house recruiter, candidates can be sure to find the perfect fit for them.


“Our goal is to reflect our culture in our hiring process to respond as quickly as possible to applications,” Nicole O’Brien, CITY’s Human Resource Manager said. “We want to find great people and with a recruiter, we can target people that we think are a really good fit for the job.”

Shania Stokoe joined CITY in July of 2020 to become the company’s first recruiter. With her came a different approach to finding applicants. Where the hiring process was often more passive with applicants applying for jobs directly, the recruiting position aims at a more aggressive approach seeking out candidates.


“We are creating name recognition and brand awareness by making potential applicants aware of positions,” Nicole said. “We can target people who are potentially a good fit or maybe doing a similar job now. Recruiting helps us expand our approach and make it more aggressive.”


Shania enjoys making those connections and being active in trying to show people why CITY might be the perfect fit for them. To her, it’s important to reflect the company’s values while seeking out candidates. She believes in CITY’s family-owned tradition and the respectfulness everyone is being treated with.


“It’s the culture I want to reflect,” Shania said. “It’s about storytelling and making a connection. We are not like the big box. This is an over century-old business and I want to make sure people understand why I like to work here and why they should work here as well.”


For Shania, it’s about finding the perfect strengths in a candidate and helping them get even stronger. She feels accomplished when she can find them a spot within the company they enjoy. Learning about them and making them feel like more than just a number is part of her process as well.


“I don’t know why someone is applying,” Shania said. “But by learning about their family, their history and what gives them energy, I can hopefully find them the perfect role here at CITY and then help them thrive in our company.”


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