“Here We Grow” | Meet Nick McCollum, District Manager

Posted on: July 18th, 2022 by Valerie Wetlaufer | No Comments

“If I can do something to make life easier for my RSRs [Route Service Representatives], that will energize me. It might mean I have to work longer or do something that will change my plan for the day, but if it makes their jobs easier, then I’m energized by being the best leader I can be for them,” District Manager Nick McCollum says.


Photo of Nick McCollum with a quote "If it needs to get done, then you gotta get it done, and do what's right."

Nick joined the CITY family early this year as a District Manager Apprentice, with the plan to work through his training period and earn the title of a District Manager. “Now that it is truly happening, it feels good. I’m honored that I’m trusted to come into a business I didn’t know and be trusted to lead a team.”

CITY’s reputation as a family company initially attracted Nick for the position. “CITY is a small company that’s growing. It’s a place where you’re not just a number in the bunch, but you truly make an impact. People know who you are and care to get to know you. That is the feeling I got immediately from talking to Emily [Hauber, Director of Communications] on the phone and meeting Stan [Schlotthauer, Director of Customer Relations] during the interview process, and it’s turned out to be true.”

“Nick is a great addition to the Faribault [Minnesota] team and brings a lot of new and fresh ideas to the table while always finding ways to best serve our customers,” says Minnesota Service Manager Brady Johansen.

“My vision for the Faribault Depot is to continue to grow, to help those Route Service Reps grow their routes, help customer relations grow, and make them the best and most efficient routes they can be. We have such a great dynamic on the Minnesota team. We can give each other a hard time one moment and the next minute, help each other out. It is just a group that gets along well and works well together. There are times when we don’t even need to talk about what needs to get done, we all start working, and it gets done because we all understand what the other person is going to do. There’s a great flow.”

Nick says he loves his time at CITY and thrives in the fast-paced environment.

Outside of work, Nick spends most of his time with his wife Emma and their two dogs, Barley, a chocolate lab, and Cooper, an Australian heeler. Nick also enjoys cooking, grilling, and trying all kinds of different recipes. He loves watching cooking shoes to figure out what he can make and how to make a recipe different. Whether at home or work, Nick says he tries to embody a work ethic he learned from his father. “If it needs to get done, then you gotta get it done and do what’s right.”

We are currently hiring for a Route Service Rep, working out of our Faribault depot, so if you think you’d be a good fit, check out the job listing today!


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