Ice Melt: An Effective, Eco-Friendly Favorite

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When it is Hot, That is the Best Time to Think About Ice Melt

As a total solutions provider, CITY is always looking for ways to meet our customers’ needs. For our customers in Iowa and Minnesota, we know that snow and ice is inevitable, and helping our customers combat any potential slip, trips, and falls, is one of our specialties.


We added Ice Melt to our product offerings to meet the proactive customer demand.


“Ice Melt is yet another item we can provide customers. All of them need it, and it saves them time, money, and effort if we can be their total solutions provider,” says Stan Schlotthauer, Director of Customer Relations. What we have to offer, “is a really good product. It’s effective, eco-friendly, won’t destroy the concrete, and it’s safe for pets.”


Our customers have made numerous comments about the convenience of getting ice melt delivered, so it is one less thing they need to worry about, saving them time and money. Others sell the same product CITY offers for 50 percent higher in price.


Even a small amount of solid ice can be treacherous to your employees and customers. In the Midwest, we know that it’s not if you’ll need ice melt, but when. Meteorologists are already predicting another harsh winter in the Upper Midwest for next winter. Let CITY help ensure your business is ready to prevent slips and falls by pre-ordering ice melt.


Here are some benefits to choosing to pre-order CITY’s Ice Melt vs. other products:


Ice Melt vs. Rock Salt


Choosing ice melt instead of rock salt is important for many reasons. While both will effectively melt ice, rock salt, or sodium chloride, can only melt ice at temperatures as low as 20 degrees F, which means that during colder weather, melt-off can re-freeze, which can erode the concrete on your driveways and sidewalks. This happens because concrete is porous, and the water that melts and refreezes gets trapped inside. Rock salt can also dissolve in water and pollute local lakes and rivers, as well as being toxic to pets. The brine created from melting ice and rock salt can coat the bottom of a pet’s paws and cause them to dry out and become irritated.


Our ice melt is much safer for concrete, vegetation, and pets than rock salt, and effectively melts ice and snow in temperatures down to -10F. It is also enhanced with a green color, so you can easily see which areas have already been treated. Because it can melt ice at a much lower temperature, it requires fewer applications, saving you money in the long run, with the need to use less product to achieve the same results.


Be Winter Ready


Pre-ordering ice melt now is an important part of making sure your business is winter ready. When the outdoor temps are still in the upper 80s and 90s, it might be difficult to think about snow and ice, but now is the time to start preparing. It’s much easier to be proactive now than have to be reactive later, and end up paying a higher price—both for winter supplies, and risking a slip and fall accident.


Save money and be proactive for the safety of your clients and employees. Take advantage of our pre-order deals. You can purchase a 50-lb bag of ice melt, or save more and stock up by purchasing by the pallet. The pricing for full pallet purchases allows you to save even more, with each pallet holding 50 bags. Don’t wait until ice forms before you purchase your ice melt. You will want to already have your ice melt on hand so you are prepared for a winter storm.


How Much Ice Melt do You Need?


Proper coverage is usually one cup per square yard. One pound of ice melt is equal to approximately 2 cups, so each 50-pound bag of ice melt will cover about 100 square yards, or 300 square feet. An entire pallet, then, will cover 15,000 square feet. Be sure to think about what areas of your property need ice melt: parking lots, driveways, porches, walkways, and sidewalks. To avoid tracking ice melt (as well as snow and ice) into your business, be sure you are also outfitted with the proper mats for your entryway, and throughout your business.


CITY, your total solutions provider, can help ensure you’re ready for winter. You can speak to your route service representatives today to get an order place or you can even talk to one retired CITY representative.


Rick Buhr worked for CITY for over four decades. He was adamant about bringing ice melt to CITY’s service offerings after many of his customers requested it. Once CITY finally found the right product, Rick, continued to sell product to his long-time customers even after having retired! Rick knew that people would love the ease and convenience of buying their ice melt from CITY, and appreciated that it’s a safe product that works well, and is cost-competitive.


If you’d like to place a pre-order ice melt purchase, contact us today. One additional plus, we know space within your business is valuable and we will store the product until you need it.


Safe and Simple.


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