Working Harder Than Anyone Else | A Client Spotlight on Dubuque Screw Products

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Dubuque Screw Products is located in Dubuque, Iowa is next for CITY’s customer spotlight. Being a local and family-owned organization, CITY and Dubuque Screw Products found a natural partnership as they both pride themselves on putting their customers first.

Established in 1946 as a screw machine job shop, Dubuque Screw Company was built on a solid foundation that combined proud machining talent with a sound business philosophy. Accompanied by a commitment to customer service and forward-thinking investments into the company, customers, and our industry’s future, Dubuque Screw Products soon found the formula for its success.


The company has always invested in technology, and the mid-20th century saw revolutionary changes in innovation, as the industry transitioned from cam-operated screw machines to CNC bar machines. This revolutionized the industry, and today Dubuque Screw Products offers more than two dozen CNC machines operated by true craftsmen who take pride in their work. Much like CITY Laundering Co. has continued to seek out the latest technology available, DSP understands the need for continuous improvement, which allows them to enhance the customer experience.


Recently our team sat down with John Welter, Plant Manager at Dubuque Screw Products, to create a client spotlight video.


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Here is a transcript of that interview:


“We often reference a statement that our president Matt Scherr made, and it was referencing his father who said his father engrained in him that we are willing to work harder for our customers than anyone else and I think that kind of speaks too to where we’re at. We don’t have a dedicated sales force. We build our business through our relationships with our customers and our suppliers, and based on building those relationships, we grow our business with our reputation.


“Dubuque Screw Products is a locally owned and family-run third generation proud to be a US main production machine shop. We’ve been a business for over 75 years. We pride ourselves on investing in our talent, as well as cutting edge technology to support our customers. So we produce parts to our customers’ specifications, and they can be from many different kinds of raw materials from aluminum to brass to bronze to steel to plastics. We basically make anything that they need to their specifications to support their product.


“So as the plant manager, my goal is to make sure everyone knows their priorities, and then together as a team, we work through those priorities to make sure that we satisfy our customers’ needs while focusing on quality and meeting the on-time delivery that they expect.


The future for Dubuque Screw Products is very bright as we mentioned before, we’re always investing in our people and our technology. We’re in the process of investing in our facility. We’re in the process of building a 30,000 square-foot addition, and we’ve already started to purchase the machines to start to fill up the building and being able to grow and meet the expanding needs of our customers. It’s a very exciting time to be part of Dubuque Screw Products, regardless of if you’re a new employee or an existing employee with the expansion.”


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