The Art of Service: Day In The Life of CITY RSR’s

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At CITY, we believe that every position within our organization plays a crucial role, but one that stands out prominently is that of a Route Service Representative (RSR). These individuals are the face of our company, directly engaging with our customers, and their impact resonates positively across the board. Let’s delve into the world of RSRs and why they are integral to CITY’s century-old success.


Qualities That Define a Stellar RSR


Curious about what makes a standout RSR? We reached out to our experienced District Managers for insights into the key qualities that define success in this role. Here’s what they had to say:

Self-Drive and Passion: An RSR should be self-driven, fueled by a passion to succeed, and a mindset that embraces ownership to ensure customer satisfaction.


Integrity Matters: Acting with integrity is paramount. RSRs must consider not only what’s best for CITY but also what’s in the best interest of the customer.


Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is non-negotiable. Those who relish interactions with others find the job inherently more enjoyable.


Adaptability and Flexibility: RSRs should possess an outside-the-box approach to customer dilemmas, coupled with adaptability and flexibility.


Product Knowledge: Deep knowledge of our products and services, along with the confidence to discuss them in detail, is crucial for success.


Patience Under Pressure: The ability to stay level-headed and patient, especially when customers are frazzled, is a necessity. It is important never to pass the blame onto others and instead resolve any concerns as quickly as you can.


Join us in celebrating the unsung heroes of CITY—the Route Service Representatives. Their dedication, passion, and customer-centric approach truly make them the driving force behind our success.


Customer Love: A Testament to Our RSRs


Our customers consistently share glowing feedback about their experiences with our RSRs. Here’s a snippet of recent comments that were captured during our annual customer survey:


“In all the years we’ve been with CITY, there’s been nothing but great personalities and positive attitudes.”


“Extremely friendly employees that are willing to work with us and make the partnership successful. It is nice that whoever I speak with, they know how to resolve any question I have.”


It’s not just our customers who are thrilled; our dedicated RSRs express their love for the job. They cherish the opportunity to interact with customers, forge new connections, and become familiar faces in the businesses they serve. The added bonus of a four-day workweek makes it an enticing role for those with the necessary skills.


Watch a featured video on a ‘Day In The Life of RSR, Kyle Green’

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