Transparent Billing Practices: A Breakdown of Usage vs. Inventory Billing

Posted on: March 1st, 2024 by Maddie Schneider | No Comments

At CITY Laundering, we believe in doing things differently, especially when it comes to billing practices in the food processing industry. Unlike traditional inventory-based billing systems, we offer our bulk inventory clients the option of usage billing, allowing them to pay only for what they use rather than a percentage of their inventory. This unique approach saves our clients approximately 30 percent compared to traditional billing methods.

“Our unique billing sets us apart from the competition in the food processing industry because it ensures that our clients have what they need at no extra cost,” explains Ken Schnor, our Director of Operations. “With traditional billing, clients often end up paying for at least half of their inventory, regardless of whether they use it or not.”

In addition to usage billing, we also offer customized billing solutions through our CAM (Customized Account Management) program. This program is tailored to each client’s operational needs, taking into account factors such as the quantity of items in service and their business operations.

Chriss Carsello, our sales manager, explains: “CAM is an all-inclusive program that covers typical industry grey areas such as missing, misplaced, or damaged garments. Unlike other billing systems, CAM ensures that clients only pay for what they receive, simplifying the billing process and promoting transparency.”

Transparency is at the core of our business philosophy at CITY Laundering. We understand the importance of being honest about our operations, which is why we have implemented various transparent processes and programs.

“Our focus on transparency ensures that our clients know exactly what they are paying for,” says Colin Wetlaufer, our President. “It’s not just about saying we’re the most responsive; it’s about showing our clients how they can trust us.”

With our commitment to fair and transparent billing practices, CITY Laundering continues to lead the way in providing simple and efficient solutions for our clients in the food processing industry.


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