Welcoming New Team Members: CITY’s Seamless Onboarding Process

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At CITY, we take pride in making sure every new team member feels at home from day one.

First impressions

For us, it’s more than just providing uniforms and supplies – it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and pride within our walls.

Ensuring a cultural fit should happen during the hiring/interview process, but that doesn’t mean attention to culture-fitting ends there. Once new employees complete their orientation, they can jump right into the workplace and become “one with the team.”

“It isn’t just about onboarding people, it’s also about assimilation,” CITY President Colin Wetlaufer said. “It’s about making sure someone is truly part of the culture and asking ‘how can we really make someone feel a part of this company.”

Zach Cummings, CITY Route Service Rep, shares his experience since becoming part of the team here in the summer of 2023.

“The job is good, but the people and customers make it even better!,” said Zach. “You feel accomplished at the end of the day, it’s not just the same thing everyday.”

When a new employee joins our team, we make sure they’re set up for success right away. We have certain departments where we have people in uniform just like our customers. For those new CITY personnel, receiving a properly fitted and compliant uniform for their job, ensures they look and feel their best on the job.

The Impact of Uniforms

Uniforms help build a business culture that prides itself in its work. Employees feel compelled to do and be at their best when representing their company while in uniform.

“Uniforms put everyone on the same page,” Colin said. “This promotes a positive employee culture and a sense of accountability.”

By prioritizing timely provision of uniforms and supplies, we create a welcoming environment where new employees feel valued and ready to contribute to their team’s success.

At CITY, we believe that a strong onboarding process is key to building a cohesive and productive workforce. Welcome aboard to our newest team members!

Join our team

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