The Importance of Gloves

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The safety of employees and consumers is every business’s number one concern.


Disposable gloves prevent employee exposure to harmful substances and serve to prevent cross contamination of food products that ultimately protect consumers.


CITY helps clients with keeping employees and products safe by providing two different options for disposable gloves best suited for our clients in many different industries.



One obvious direct benefit of using disposable gloves is the increased safety of the employees wearing them. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states says 70 percent of workers who experienced hand injuries were not wearing gloves. Furthermore, the bureau found that hand injuries send one million employees to the emergency room each year.


Costly Consequences

Associated with these injuries are very costly medical bills and workers’ compensation. The average hand injury claim is now over $6,000, with some claims reaching as high as $7,500.


As for potential cost of certain hand injuries, The National Safety Council Guide states that the medical bill of a laceration can be as high as $10,000, stitches at over $2,000, and an injured tendon can cost over $70,000 for one incident. The cost of just one of these incidents can far exceed the cost of a hand protection program for an entire business.


Types of Hand Protection


Compliance Requirement

OSHA requires that all businesses provide gloves for employees working in conditions where their hands are exposed to hazardous conditions such as “skin absorption of harmful substances; severe cuts or lacerations; severe abrasions; punctures; chemical burns; thermal burns; and harmful extreme temperatures.” In addition, gloves must be worn when employees’ hands come into contact with potentially infectious materials.



With our black nitrile powder-free exam glove option, employees are protected from direct contact with harmful substances or toxins when they are wearing the gloves, and because they are one-time-use, disposable gloves aren’t sent home and washed with an employee’s laundry.


By being an employer who both provides disposable gloves and personal protection equipment (PPE), businesses not only protect employees while they are at work, but also their family members who come into contact with the employee at home. In contrast to employees who are required to maintain and wash their own uniforms, employees with access to disposable PPE don’t run the risk of carrying deadly take-home-toxins with them after they leave the workplace.


AMBITEX’s Black Nitrile Glove Specifications

These particular gloves are made with the tough jobs in mind including the automotive, industrial, maintenance, first responder, laboratories, and more.


  • Twice as thick as standard gloves
  • Durable, nitrile material
  • Textured to provide a strong grip
  • Sharp, black color helps hide stains from grease, oil, dirt, or other substances that project an image of uncleanliness or unsanitary working condition
  • Meets ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) examination glove standards



In the food industry, cross contamination is a concern for businesses and consumers alike. Even trace amounts of bacteria can affect an entire shipment of product. Food safety is so important because the products being handled come into direct contact with the ultimate consumers, the public.


With the number of deadly contaminants and allergens that foods can be exposed to in the process of reaching customers, being able to have confidence in all aspects of the laundering process is more important now than ever. Just one peanut making contact with a garment in the laundering facility can become a contaminant for food processors’ entire shipment of products, and the business then runs the risk of harming a consumer with a peanut allergy.


This is just one of many reasons why CITY’s adherence to any and all HACCP (Hazardous and Critical Control Points) regulations is essential to the functions of our clients in the food industry.



Cross contamination can severely hinder a business’ profits, or worse, harm the consumers of the product. Individuals can be allergic to certain foods by contact, ingestion, or contamination from certain chemicals and cleaning agents. Even the hygienic products used to handle food can trigger allergic reactions. Latex, for example, is one substance individuals may be allergic to.


For food processors and food retailers alike, the risk of cross contamination is too large and too real to ignore, as the products are not only coming into contact with customers, but being ingested.


CITY is committed to working alongside our clients in the food industry to maintain compliance to FDA regulations and total safety ultimately for consumers.


Compliance Requirement

The FDA works to benefit the consumer; therefore, compliance is in the best interest of those in the food industry.


The FDA has recently ruled, in addition to requiring that businesses provide and require gloves at all control points in the food process, that gloves are not coated in any type of powder. The use of powder in storing gloves is too harmful and dangerous to those wearing them, according to FDA regulations.



Our blue nitrile powder-free glove are designed to help prevent cross-contamination and provide an easy to manage system by which businesses in the food processing and food service industries can provide a consistently clean, sanitary product to clients and customers.


AMBITEX’s Blue Nitrile Powder-Free Glove Specifications

Industries that benefit from these gloves include food processing and food service.


  • Powder-free
  • Textured surface for improved grip
  • Resistant to many chemicals and animal fats
  • Distinct blue color for easy visibility
  • Complies with 21 CFR parts 170-199 for food contact



At CITY, we aim to provide a fully managed, high quality service. Our trained and tenured route service representatives completely manage your program so you can have complete peace-of-mind. As an easy to manage yet essential product to any industry looking to protect its products from cross contamination, its employees from harm, and consumers from harmful bacteria, a disposable glove inventory is one piece of your program that CITY can customize and manage for you.


Benefits of a CITY Program

There are three primary benefits to choosing CITY as your provider for gloves and other hygienic service needs:


  • Managed inventory services

Many of CITY’s clients value our service for the independence gained from not having to manage their uniform and hygienic services. We are your total solutions provider, as we not only provide fresh, clean uniforms on a reliable basis for our customers, but we also have the ability to provide all other protection equipment and hygienic products for our clients.


In addition to providing these products and services, CITY manages inventories for our clients as well, so that management can focus on running other key functions of their business.


  • Responsive service

Responsiveness is key to any good problem solving process, because it ensures that something will be done about any new issues in a timely manner, thus allowing businesses to continue operation without any stoppages caused by our service.


CITY’s route service representatives are empowered to make key decisions regarding an account on the spot, and unlike other laundering businesses, management is just one call away for our clients. Systems and processes unique to CITY such as our emergency inventory system allow us to make corrections or changes to uniforms necessary to the functioning of your business right away, thus solving a problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Communication

As a locally owned business with a client-driven culture, CITY strives to provide a streamlined process of communication with our clients. Businesses can rest easy knowing that, should a problem arise that a route service representative can’t solve from their position, key decisions makers are just one call away.


Food safety is a weighty concern for businesses in the food industry, and because they are our clients, food safety is a priority for CITY as well. We are committed to providing the best service and products for the benefit of both our clients and the ultimate consumers of the food, as evidenced by our own compliance to HACCP regulations, as well as FDA glove and uniform regulations.



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