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A company’s inventory is considered “one of its most valuable assets,” but achieving the perfect balance when it comes to inventory management can be difficult. It is often a full-time job to ensure your company’s needs are met while also being mindful of quality and cost.


Moreover, companies want to concentrate on their own business inventories, not the inventories that should be handled by their vendors. Having a total solutions provider that can manage the ins-and-outs of your uniform program, facility services needs, and safety supplies creates significant peace-of-mind for any inventory manager.



Managing the necessary quantity of inventory plays a significant role in knowing when to restock items and how to avoid excess.


CITY clients rest easy, as we completely manage their entire program. We determine proper inventory levels based on a client’s consistent usage and requirement needs. Our accurate inventory levels are a result of our ultra-high frequency (UHF) garment tracking technology. We track each individually chipped item through every step of the laundering process, which enables us to collect, clean, and return items with accurate inventory counts.


Emergency Inventory

In terms of a uniform program, we account for emergency situations so that our clients never run out of clean, compliant uniforms. Whether you need to work an extra shift or onboard new employees quickly, you will always have an emergency uniform inventory available.


“With a clean uniform inventory that is readily available and is fully managed by our CITY route service representative, we stay compliant with USDA regulations,” said Donnie Peters, complex manager at Simply Essentials in Charles City, Iowa. “We never run out of clean uniforms because we always have an emergency inventory available to us. Their quality management system meets all of our requirements so we can focus more on our business.”


Facility Services

Our route and facility service representatives provide professional account management to guarantee proper inventory of all facility services supplies including paper and soap products, aprons, trashcan liners, disposable gloves, and more. We ensure a worry-free experience.


First Aid and Safety Supplies

Our well-trained facility services representatives help clients create a safer work environment by taking complete ownership of a client’s first aid and safety inventory. CITY regularly provides restocking, removal of products, and organization of first aid and safety supplies.



Having what you need matters, but it really only matters if what you have is of good quality. This is incredibly important for those in the food processing industry because having clean, compliant uniforms to ensure food safety is a must.


“The uniforms, for us, [are] not just pieces of clothing,” said General Manager of Upper Iowa Beef, Ed Greiman. “We know [the uniform] is gonna have contact with food, we know it has contact with our employees, and so therefore it has to be clean, free of chemicals, and it has to fit into our HACCP plan, which is all about food safety.”


With CITY’s Quality Management (CQM) system, we provide clients with consistent, high-quality garments that meet food safety demands including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements. Our facility maintains proper washing and drying procedures, garment inspection, and bacteriological testing to support garments with zero-presence of bacteria.



When you partner with CITY, you won’t only receive quality, clean uniforms. CITY clients also receive a quality service, as we are completely hands-on so that our clients receive the attentive service they deserve.


The most important part of training a new route representative is making sure they understand that relationships and service are the most important part of the job,” said Route Service Representative, Shane McKinney.



The time and effort put forth in managing your inventory can be costly, which ultimately affects your bottom line. But by simplifying the inventory management process, we give our clients their freedom back so they can manage their own business.


“One of the best parts about partnering with CITY is that we can focus more on our business instead of focusing on our vendor’s business. Everyone at CITY that I’ve had experience with has never said, ‘no, that’s not my job’ or ‘no, I can’t do that.’ If I have something that needs to get done, it gets done,” said Lee Fisher, fixed operations director at Shottenkirk Chevy in Waukee, Iowa.



Our clean and simple approach to pricing is unique to our industry. Our bulk uniform rental program is based on actual usage rather than a percentage of total inventory. With this fair and accurate billing approach, our customers typically save up to 30 percent when compared to inventory-based billing.


Additionally, because we believe in complete transparency, we don’t believe in overstocking our clients with unnecessary supplies. We pride ourselves in providing accurate invoicing that reflects your company’s individual needs.



The CITY advantage is our unique ability to simplify our client’s workday. To do this, we strive to sustain our commitment to our process, employees, innovation, and our relationship with our clients.


Managing your inventory is an area every company should focus on managing well. For your uniform, facility services, and safety supplies, that is an inventory that doesn’t need full attention. We take pride in providing you with what you need to fully succeed in your business, and you only pay for what you use. Nothing more.


“To me, when I find a vendor that is a partner, and you don’t have to manage them, that’s a win… One of the nice things about the relationship we have with CITY is that it’s all in the background. It’s like it handles itself,” said Tony Bolletta, engineering manager at B&G Foods in Ankeny, Iowa.


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